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What Makes a Wax Pen So Special and Why It’s a MUST-HAVE

What Makes a Wax Pen Different From Other Vapes?

A good quality wax pen is the best and easiest way to enjoy concentrates and botanical extracts on the go. 

But what are wax pens and which product is the best on the market? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using wax pens? 

Moreover, how does a THC vape pen differ from a wax pen? 

If you are wondering about these questions, you’re in luck. 

We’ve compiled the most useful, expert-approved info available to present to you the ultimate guide to choosing the best wax pen. 

Besides that, you will also learn about choosing the right weed dispensary. Why is this important? 

By getting weed online in Canada from a reputable source, you ensure that the cannabis effects are maximized and side effects minimized. 

With powerful products such as concentrates and extracts, you will want to pay close attention to the reliability of your weed store. 

Always buy weed online from a trusted pot store such as MMJ Express, the best in Canada.

With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about getting a wax pen.

What is a Wax Pen?Wax pen vapes, dab pens, and weed pens from MMJ Express online dispensary weed store for vapes, THC cartridges, and shatter online in Canada.

Before finding out what is the best wax pen for 2022, let’s define this term. 

What are wax pens and why are they the hottest thing in the cannabis community? It’s simple. 

Wax pens are easy to use, long-lasting, and one of the best ways to enjoy your favourite cannabis concentrates. These devices resemble vape pens, but their battery is much stronger. 

On the downside, the strong battery also makes wax pens a bulkier alternative.

However, the main difference between a weed vape pen and a wax pen lies in the concentrate chamber and the atomizer – you use these to vape your liquid of choice.

While a weed vape pen uses lower temperatures, a wax pen can get to 700 Fahrenheit. Essentially, this also means that the latter allows you to choose the most suitable heating option for your weed. 

Most consumers who prefer wax pens enjoy using thicker concentrates like shatter or mind-blowing live resin.

Wax pens are a bit trickier to maintain compared to a weed vape pen. Namely, you will need to clean its chamber after each use and replace the atomizer occasionally. 

Nevertheless, wax pens are amazing because they are highly portable and incredibly potent.

If you are a die-hard stoner who wants to enjoy the finest concentrates and extracts while “on the go”, you need to grab the best wax pen you can find. 

Pros & ConsMan holding a smoking wax pen ready for vaping weed, wax, or shatter from an online dispensary in Canada.

To find out which wax pen is touted as “the best”, scroll down. But before you do that, check out these advantages and disadvantages of using a wax pen. 

Advantages of wax pens:

  • They will give you some of the highest potency hits
  • Load your favourite concentrates and puffs wherever and wherever you want
  • They are compact and easy to use
  • They are scent-free
  • They are rechargeable
  • You can get some parts replaced
  • You can choose between different potency levels
  • The temperature levels can be fine-tuned
  • The variety is almost endless

Disadvantages of wax pens:

  • They are typically more expensive than standard vape pens
  • They require regular maintenance
  • Vapes are more discreet

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons. While it’s true that wax pens are usually on the pricier side, that is not always the case. If you know where to look, you can grab some great deals! 

Buy weed online from a dispensary like MMJ Express and save cash on expensive vape pens. 

If you’re looking to save a couple of extra bucks, you can also opt for disposable pens. Purchase an exclusive disposable wax pen in Canada from MMJ Express and find out what the hype is all about!

Check out the collection of premium cannabis products and take advantage of the latest deals and sales. You will also find an impressive array of value buds for all tastes and preferences. 

Hurry up! Stocks are limited, and due to their popularity, the budget buds are quickly selling!

The Best Wax Pens and Other Vapes for 2022

If you are seeking the best weed pen, you have come to the right place. 

Below, you’ll find the latest and greatest wax pens and vape pens for all budgets and preferences. Choose your favourite weed pen today and indulge in the finer things in life. 

Remember, you can get these products from the best online dispensary, MMJ Express.

1. Diamond Concentrates – L.A Kush Cake Disposable Wax PenL.A Kush Cake Disposable Pen for sale online from a mail order marijuana weed store and online dispensary for weed vapes, dispensary weed, gummys, and shatter.

If you are on the hunt for the best disposable wax pen in Canada, you need to check out the Diamond Concentrates – L. A Kush Cake Disposable Pen.

In one pen, you get 1g of pure THC distillate without solvents, or VG and PG. 

As a quick reminder, THC concentrations are the purest forms of the psychoactive compound you can get. They contain a THC concentration range from 90 to 99 percent! 

This specific product features the L.A. Kush Cake strain, a powerful Indica dominant hybrid with a delightful minty and earthy flavour. 

According to users, this is the ideal choice for stoners who are looking for a disposable wax pen in Canada to feel relaxed and happy. 

Get the Diamond Concentrates – L. A Kush Cake Disposable Pen today for a mere $40.

2. Diamond Concentrates – Cherry Disposable PenCherry Disposable Vape Pen for cannabis concentrates, THC oil, and vape cartridges from n online dispensary for mail order marijuana in Canada.

Another fantastic disposable weed pen is the Diamond Concentrates – Cherry Disposable Pen. 

Like the previous product, the Diamond Concentrates – Cherry Disposable Pen contains 1g of the highest-grade THC distillate without the use of solvents, VP, or PG. 

This disposable pen features an organic base for enhanced quality. The pen itself is very durable and it is luxurious. 

Considering the low price point, we highly recommend grabbing this one while it’s still on the shelves! 

3. Burn Extracts – Cali OG Mega Sized Disposable Pen 2ML

Now, if you want to purchase the best THC vape pen, the Burn Extracts – Cali OG Mega Sized Disposable Pen 2ML is a must-have!

In each pen, you get 2 grams or 2,000mg of the highest-grade distillate oil. 

Every pen by Burn Extracts is completely solvent-free and infused with organic terpenes and boosted flavour. 

This THC vape pen features the notorious Cali OG, a Sativa-dominant strain, and the child of OG Kush and the legendary Amnesia Haze. 

At over 24 percent of THC, you can expect the high of a lifetime. 

Purchase this THC vape pen in Canada from MMJ Express and get ready for an energizing experience. Say goodbye to all of the tension and anxiety for only $46.

Wax Pen vs Weed Vape Pen

You understand what a wax pen is, but what makes it different from a vape pen? Here is a quick overview of what vape pens typically offer. 

Overall, the general device you use for vaping is a “vape pen”. 

Usually, this term refers to a vape pen battery and a pre-filled THC cartridge. 

Nevertheless, many vape pens today utilize a 510-thread cartridge connection, and this is the most widespread connection point. 

Vape pens remain the second most highly sought-after product in dispensaries followed by dry herbs. 

In a nutshell, vape pens are affordable, portable, and fool-proof. You can also find vape pens compatible with CBD as well as tobacco. 

You will enjoy vape pens because they are:

  • Compact and ideal for travel
  • Highly potent
  • Discreet
  • Convenient for “on-the-go”

Wax Pens vs Dab Pens

Dab pens are the best choice for experienced consumers looking for the strongest high. Keep in mind that the term “dab pen” does not refer to the device itself. Instead, it suggests the intensity of your high. 

A wax pen or a vape pen can give you a similar high to a dab pen, but this will depend on the heat settings and the material quality. 

All in all, you can use the phrase “dab pen” when discussing different devices for vaping. Be that as it may, these devices must provide the consumer with a dab-like high.

Here are some advantages of dab pens:

  • You have more creative choices and control.
  • You can get hotter vapes compared to different pens for vaping.


• What is a THC vape pen used for?

A THC pen is used to vape THC oil. These are highly powerful devices that will give you an intense psychedelic experience.

• What is a dab pen used for?

Dab pens are used for enjoying concentrates like wax or oils. These devices will provide you with the most extraordinary high you can fathom!

• What are CBD vape pens?

CBD vape pens are unique devices you use to vape cannabidiol. You can pick a refillable or disposable version. 

• Where can I get a good quality THC vape pen in Canada?

You can get exclusive and professional-grade THC vapes at MMJ Express. Check out the website to learn more.

Where can I purchase cheap weed in Canada?

MMJ Express is the ideal place to purchase the wax pen of your dreams. On top of that, you’ll find exceptional cheap canna for beginner stoners, occasional users, and experts.

Pick and choose between selected dry herbs, concentrates, CBD oil, vapes, and more. 

Buy mail-order marijuana and get your package delivered to your doorstep before you know it! 

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