How To Use Marijuana-Infused Teas And Cocoa?

These drink mixes are easy to use and dose. Some of them come in single-use packaging, in which case you have to use the whole amount in a single serving, while some are designed to provide relief in multiple servings. Ensure you read the instructions on the packaging carefully.

All you have to do for the instant drink mixes is add the mixture into cold or hot water – as per instructions or preference, stir well and enjoy.

Where To Buy Weed Teas And Cocoa Online In Canada?

Marijuana-infused teas and cocoas take the combined therapeutic, restorative, and tranquillizing powers of the individual ingredients to another level. If you want to enjoy these benefits, buy cannabis teas and cocoa online at MMJ Express today, and we will ship them to you anywhere in Canada.

Buy Cannabis Teas And Cocoa Online In Canada

You can now enjoy your favourite beverage of cocoa or tea supercharged with cannabis! Cannabis teas and cocoa are now available at Canada’s leading online weed dispensary MMJ Express at friendly prices. Buy Cannabis teas and cocoa online in Canada today!

Cocoa and tea have been used for thousands of years and by hundreds of generations for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, just like cannabis. Today, you can enjoy the combined effects of cocoa and tea with cannabis. 

Buy cannabis teas and cocoa online at MMJ Express, and change how you start your mornings.

Types Of Cannabis Teas And Cocoa To Buy Online

At MMJ Express, we have a wide variety of marijuana-infused tea and cocoa mixes that combine the calming and soothing effects of tea and cocoa with the healing benefits of cannabis to create a beverage that will supercharge your days.

You can now order Doobie Snacks – CBD Crystal Drinks that contain natural cocoa infused with 99.99% pure CBD isolate to provide a relaxing instant drink that provides the soothing benefits of cannabidiol. 

If you are looking for a drink that will get you high, get this premium Golden Monkey Extracts Hot Chocolate Peppermint Drink Mix with 150mg of THC. This drink mix is made using real Belgian coffee and marshmallows and perfectly dosed with THC.

We also have a potent Mota Yoni Relax Tea with 300mg of THC and 100mg of CBD for natural PMS and menstrual pain relief. 

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