What Is Cannabis Syrup?

Cannabis syrup is just as the name suggests – a regular syrup infused with weed extract to enhance the benefits and effects. The syrup is usually a thick viscous liquid that primarily contains dissolved sugars, sap or honey.

Most cannabis syrups online are infused with everyone’s favourite cannabinoid – THC, so expect a product that will get you high while providing the usual benefits of cannabis. Cannabis syrups you buy online will still taste sweet as the main ingredients will be sugary.

Buy Cannabis Syrups Online At MMJ Express 

Looking to buy high-quality cannabis syrup online in Canada? MMJ Express has got you covered. We have a wide range of cannabis-infused syrups made with different primary ingredients, including maple, strawberry, chocolate and honey.

You can now buy the delectable Chocolate Syrup from Herbivore Edibles, which delivers 300mg of THC and comes in a 100ml bottle. Also available is the 300mg THC Herbivore Edibles Strawberry Syrup, Herbivore Edibles Maple Syrup and Vancity Labs Cannalean, which delivers 1000 mg total THC dosage.

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Where To Buy Cannabis Syrups Online In Canada

Cannabis syrups are a versatile staple for anyone who infuses weed into various recipes. Looking to buy the best cannabis syrups online in Canada? We have just the THC syrup products for you.

You can now buy cannabis syrup in Canada at MMJ Express, the best online weed dispensary in the country, at pocket-friendly prices. MMJ Express carries different brands of cannabis syrups, so there is something that will match your taste and preferences.

Check out our online menu of cannabis syrups, choose one that suits your needs, and we will ship it to you anywhere in the country.

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Herbivore Edibles – Maple Syrup 300MG (THC)

'-100ml bottle (THC 300mg)-Cannabis infused Maple Syrup

Juicecdn – Blueberry 1000MG THC Lean

Buy Juicecdn - Blueberry 1000MG THC Lean at MMJ Express Online Shop

Juicecdn – Raspberry 1000MG THC Lean

Buy Juicecdn - Raspberry 1000MG THC Lean at MMJ Express Online Shop

Vancity Labs – Canna Lean 1000MG THC

Buy Vancity Labs - Canna Lean 1000MG THC at MMJ Express Online Shop