If you’re comparing cannabis concentrates online, you may find it difficult to tell the difference between caviar and mood rocks.  Indeed, they are very similar, as both are dipped in hash oil and then coated in kief.  The only real difference is that moon rocks are always coated in kief, while caviar sometimes goes without this added coating.

When you buy marijuana concentrates, it’s important to know how to properly consume them, especially where high-value products like moon rocks are concerned.  You don’t want to waste a single gram.  This product is meant to be smoked, but proceed with caution – a little goes a long way.

Like caviar, moon rocks are exceptionally potent, even among concentrates, which accounts for the high value of the product.  If you want to buy cannabis concentrates online that deliver an incredibly powerful experience with very little product, moon rocks certainly pack a punch.

If you’re seeking a truly transcendent, powerful experience when you buy marijuana concentrates online, moon rocks are definitely a contender.

There are few concentrates online that offer the same appeal as moon rocks, which are tremendously powerful, thanks to the combination of flower, hash oil, and kief.  They’re perfect for experienced cannabis consumers looking to get the most out of every puff.

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