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Buy CBD for pets online at MMJ Express to access a range of products manufactured for your pet’s health and well-being.

All our pet health products are thoroughly tested to ensure they’re safe. Our line of pet CBD products is 100% natural, hand-crafted and vet-approved.

Pet CBD Products

Our furry friends, just like us, have a lot of complex medical needs that conventional medicine hasn’t appropriately addressed.

When it comes to CBD for humans, there’s a lot of information floating around about all the numerous benefits. But as it turns out, CBD also has a lot of benefits for pet health.

For one, CBD may promote calmness in dogs and help reduce anxiety. The cannabinoid also may have cardiac health benefits, anti-inflammation properties, anti-nausea impact, and appetite stimulation.

Pet owners’ primary concern about using CBD is if the cannabinoid will get their pets high and addicted.

The answer to both these questions is a resounding no. Since pet CBD products are made from hemp-driven CBD, they contain minimal THC (0.3% or less). With such insignificant levels, your pet won’t be experiencing any psychoactive effects.

Hemp-driven CBD is also not addictive, so your pet will not develop any dependence on the oil. Instead, your four-legged friend will relish all the wellness and health benefits of CBD oil for dogs in Canada.

CBD Oil for Dogs in Canada

When it comes to getting your furry friends that much-needed relief, you can buy CBD oil for dogs in Canada at MMJ Express.

With our Fortify Plus Nutraceutical Pet Oil, your pet will enjoy a long list of medical benefits, including brain, heart and digestive tract health. In addition, hemp-driven CBD oil is fortified with pumpkin oil to prevent illness and hemp seed oil to boost immunity.

With our CBD pet treats like Longevity Nutraceutical Pet Treats and Vitality Nutraceutical Pet Treats, your older pet may get relief from arthritis, muscle tension, and joint pain.

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Fortify Plus Nutraceutical Pet Oil

This formula offers the full suite of benefits of Fortify’s formula, with our highest concentration of cannabidiol (CBD). It brings the body into alignment and helps to prevent endocannabinoid deficiency. The medicinal ingredients include 99% pure hemp derived CBD to promote balance and create homeostasis, pure coconut MCT oil with far-reaching anti-inflammatory benefits offering support for brain health, antioxidant-rich hemp seed oil to increase immunity and improve cardiovascular health, and pumpkin seed oil to reduce anxiety and prevent illness. Buy Fortify Plus Nutraceutical Pet Oil at MMJ Express Online Shop

Acuity Nutraceutical Pet Treats

ACUITY Nutraceutical Pet Treats 3mg CBD per Serving Acuity nutraceutical pet treats by Creating Brighter Days™ work for the improvement

Harmony Nutraceutical Pet Treats

Description HARMONY Nutraceutical Pet Treats 3mg CBD per Serving Harmony nutraceutical pet treats by Creating Brighter Days™ work for the