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  1. 54575

    Jeff Marquis

    I’ve been experimenting for a year and I think this is THE strain for me. No words can explain how great it makes me feel just try it yourself and you can thank me later.

  2. 59936

    McGrady, Sebastian

    Good cerebral high offered with a relaxing body buzz great stuff

  3. 59480

    Jason Krimizis

    Not overly harsh and doesn't yield for much coughing if any at all. Very mind stimulating.

  4. 59919

    Nelly Taing

    Couch lock is imminent if not active. Beside that its a good strain for kickin it back

  5. 29927

    Shawn Cai

    Great body high, nice and numb and tingly while the mind stays alert.

  6. 59480

    Dan Gayner

    It has this fantastic aroma that you can taste throughout your rip. Definitely on the heavier sativa side.

  7. 29927


    Perfect hybrid. It has a delicious vanilla flavour and is super smooth.

  8. 59919

    Mohamed Haris

    I find it much heavier on the indica side, which is great for a good nights sleep

  9. 53124

    Phillipe Gui

    Helps with my lupus and with pain in general. It's also got a pretty sick aroma to it.

  10. 53124

    Ari Pearl

    Works great for insomniacs like myself!