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  1. 14079


    For AA, this is 4.5 star. Smells sorta like a deer made of cheese got hit by a truck. Its a bit of a thunder fuck. I could see people not liking that. I however am into that kinda thing Takes a bit of extra work to put through the grinder. Smokes a bit tough. bong hits taste like the muffler of that truck. High is nice. Cerebral and body with a tilt towards the mind side of things. Takes the edge off morbid depression rather nicely. Solid buy at this price point if you're after a good high

  2. 8950

    Steven Walters

    First purchase form these guys. I enjoyed the sherbert cookies, god green crack, 24 carate gold and gorilla glue, all live resin. Exceptional quality and taste. Each one is potent and unique. Stunning deal. They have a return customer. I dunno how they did it but I ordered wednesday, it shipped Thursday and I had it monday in eastern canada during the pandemic. Impressive considering all other moms I purchase through have taken a week longer than usual or more. Cannot wait to try the diamonds and budders. Thank you so much

  3. 11649


    check cela reviens a $125 oncce pour de la DYNAMITE .Jai le gout de lacher ma job pi juste fumer des BAT haha 100% satisfais

  4. 8950


    frequent flyer here haha !! another zip of fine resins i got from these guys !! all on point !! clean af and tasty af !! cant forget the potency and thats all there 2 !! no reason to go anywhere else with products and pricing and customer service, at the top of the heap !!! this time around got the Fruity Pebbles, Yoda OG, Blueberry and Gorilla Glue #4/Live Resins !! Great stuff all of em !! fave is Fruity Pebbles !! if ya havent tried these guys do so !!!

  5. 8947


    yup pulled the trigger on another qp and dam these guys got it going on. great prices, great service and great bud !! luv that ya can mix and match. this time around got the Pink Kush, LA Confidential, Star Killer and Larry OG !! luv em all, all smoke very clean burning white with great terps !! caky af !! yum !! keep it up guys !! thanx !!

  6. 11501


    Great for the price for small dry diamonds 7/10

  7. 11472


    First time trying resin but I got the 7g mix and match, and holy cow let me tell you this stuff is good, best tasting concentrates ive ever had. This GG specifically was delicious. Also the rosin was more potent than I was expecting

  8. 12410


    The nose, the taste, the buzz. One of the best. Heavy hitter made me a quitter. Couldn't finish the j. Had it down to a quarter and put it away.

  9. 13207


    Smells nice, and will kick your ass back to the couch rather fast and for a good deal of time.

  10. 8636


    I bought a QP of this strain a couple weeks ago and im still loving it. Great daily driver.