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  1. 41915

    Alena Smith

    big dense nugs caked in trichomes highly recommend this

  2. 24782

    Quentin Brown

    this is so strong dank as hell and long lasting

  3. 68986

    Quentin Brown

    delicious and potent what more could I want

  4. 69778

    Hector J

    funn strain such chill vibes

  5. 10125

    Hector J

    Amazing bag appeal great smell top notch flower

  6. 68505

    Cherry Zutu

    got me zoned it mended my mind by helping me with my anxiety

  7. 68505

    Stephen Levan

    Not too overpowering, not too weak. Good for an afternoon of relaxation.

  8. 59290

    Brand Rivard

    Soo energizing! Comes on smooth and slowly but great wake and bake.

  9. 71115

    Cedrick Lenoble

    great smell and texture

  10. 71115

    Matthieu Dahmer

    Nice balanced strain! Couldn't stop hitting it.