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  1. 28865


    enjoying this to the fullest! had to get another batch

  2. 23056


    best indica, locks me in the couch without having to try..

  3. 46604


    feels like Im free and creates amazing imaginations in my eyes

  4. 41871


    best gas strain by far from mmj!

  5. 32494


    has me giggling and relaxed

  6. 21494

    Diana Leblanc

    Trying this for the first time with wifey its a blew our minds for the first time we couldnt move

  7. 38259


    Focus with a the vibing good energy!

  8. 31026


    Caked out and works like a miracle!

  9. 34320


    love the taste

  10. 46410

    Marty Cali

    Great body high from head to toe it will totally relax you all over. This has been a great aid for my insomnia and will continue to be in my cart as long as its available 🙂