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  1. 86672

    John Leon

    Pretty good. It gives me some energy while also helping with anxiety

  2. 139931

    Triston Hendricks

    Good Shit! Pungent in a good way.

  3. 27477

    Dominic Curtis

    This weed will tell YOU how good it is, not the other way around..! A connoisseur's delight: just inhaling the aroma from a bag feels like a cure!

  4. 28144

    Kael Johns

    nice relaxing bud

  5. 50631

    Braeden Boone

    Definite perfect description of the taste, one of my favorite strains

  6. 93329


    Classic strain with long duration of relaxation

  7. 105116


    Looks great...smells, taste and grinds up nicely.

  8. 119205


    very potent, will knock you off your ass and only got to smoke a little bit. I really enjoyed the high.

  9. 108138


    This has been my favorite strain so far, 10/10 would smoke again.

  10. 86755


    A few hits and you quickly have a pleasant head buzz and your body will feel so much better.