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  1. 37588


    very nice high, great before sleeping time. nice little quick dab will give you amazing night

  2. 35882

    dex murphy

    perfect texture for shatter to smoke. it snaps nicely and it has very nice fruity taste

  3. 37837

    Jason Crooks

    great taste shatter and nice quality. recommended

  4. 37407

    Dave Donald

    its amazingly strong but super clean taste! high is off the roof and this diamond quality is Super!

  5. 37368

    Sam Peters

    hits very hard and heavy, thats how diamond should be and i love it lol

  6. 29332


    nice sweet taste with great high! perfect combo for my type of weed. nice one

  7. 12839

    Peter Choi

    i got more uplifting at the start then got relaxed later, love the size of the nugs and flavor is great

  8. 39807


    nice orange hairs and caked out nicely, got relaxed and perfect amount of body high as well

  9. 34643

    Adam Wells

    great price and amazing flavor! nice and tasty and got really high. love the happy feeling i get from it

  10. 19837

    Chris Lao

    classic strain with great quality, love the way this taste and so happy i ordered this here MMJ