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  1. 8434

    Dors Feline

    This is wonderful hash smells heavenly and taste is reminiscent of 80-90's black. Best I've had in a long time. It appears a bit too easy to crumble, I think with some more curing it will be perfect.

  2. 9192


    Very good this SLH, pleasant to the taste, and the aroma is great, long lasting effect, I love it

  3. 12493

    Alec Baldwin

    They tasted good, but provided only a very mild body high akin to one hit of a joint.The high was very short lived.

  4. 5100


    This shake is great for baking edibles and it's not bad to smoke.

  5. 17251


    Received a free gram of Godberry, this was surprisingly a nice little high. It has a fruity flavour to the taste.

  6. 17854


    Received a free 8th of Snow White. This was nice strain to get you to relax but not completely knock you out. Love it!

  7. 18465


    This has become one of my favourite strains. It's got a nice smooth vanilla-ish flavour. So yum! It's a good strain to smoke for when you can't sleep.

  8. 17251


    Received this as a wonderful free sample with my last order, very nice flavour...took a nice nap after a few puffs of this.

  9. 18045


    Some of the best Chem Dawg I have ever smoked, I highly recommend!

  10. 18168


    Really exceptionally good weed, I had gotten an ounce of this on my second last order, and loved it so much that on my most recent order I did order two ounces of it along with 1 Gs of other strains...unfortunately, when I opened my order it was short one ounce of this product...really bummed...I wanted to stock up on this and paid $120 for it 🙁