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  1. 116910

    Ellie Johnson

    Amazing strain one of my recent favorites a good well rounded stone.

  2. 10533

    Bethany Holmes

    Freaking bomb! Such a stony high, instantly puts me at ease.

  3. 54981

    Matilda Henderson

    Very Relaxing & helps with pain!

  4. 117842

    Alex Brown

    Everytime I tried this strain, it never fails

  5. 70270

    Isabella Simpson

    Perfect balance between sativa & indica affects.

  6. 117791

    Lani Ton

    Never felt so euphoric in my life

  7. 117791

    George Mullinax

    The smoothness of the smoke will make your mouth water. The quality of the strain is incredible!

  8. 21485

    Simran Atwal

    This is one of the best strains I have come across. Great nighty night smoke for bedtime.

  9. 21485

    Monica Atwood

    Smoked a blunt and it was crazy good. Strong enough to clear your mind even just temporarily.

  10. 116326

    Romano Finch

    extremely uplifting