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  1. 12884

    Theo Zahn

    Good cerebral and body effects. Smoke with caution it's potent af

  2. 12884

    Jimmy Patton

    This is just the perfect pick me up to go about my day. I love this hybrid 🙂

  3. 66804

    Carter Jang

    Nice heavy effect.

  4. 85629

    Christa Ng

    This is the perfect strain to relax some tension. Especially after the hectic day I just had. I think it will work great for people with anxiety too.

  5. 85629

    Geoffrey Co

    It is very smooth tasting and very aromatic. Very sweet! Burned just right!

  6. 66804

    Sabrina Ferrer

    Calming and relaxing felt a little spurt of creativeness in me

  7. 60308

    Andy Li

    This potent strain made me feel like a lightweight all over again

  8. 60308

    Rafe Namoro

    provides a tingly relaxed euphoric high.

  9. 55507


    Smells fantastic wow. I've wanted to try it for a while and I'm glad I did.

  10. 55507

    Jonah Lujan

    Not to dry, not to sticky. Just right for the grinder! Absolutely amazing.