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  1. 35251

    Winston Burke

    Great strain. Packaging was nice and small. In fact I can see reusing it. Bought a gram just so I had a staiva ( I had accumulated a bunch of indicas) Great flavor, nice tight buds, smell was very citrus. Vaped and nice thick sticky clouds all the way thru. I will get this again. It worked very well. I was able to focus and get a bunch of tedious tasks completed.

  2. 35242


    Buds look Incredibly frosty. Taste is great. Strong euphoric effects with some relaxation after.

  3. 35532


    MMJ is seriously out of this world. All strains look like they got snowed on. This one was no exception and the effects were, as usual, phenomenal.

  4. 29487


    This strain to me felt very calming and help me relax. It always a really smooth smoke and easy to enjoy the taste. I would use this strain again when my pain acted up.

  5. 30009


    This is no exception. Looks great, taste great. Really deep high... highly recommend. Still too expensive.

  6. 35541


    I love smoking this in a vape as the citrus notes really come through - great for a night in of getting chores done and relaxing.

  7. 30023


    Was feeling a little under the weather and ended up smoking some of this fine blue gelato and had my spirits lifted and felt a nice glown. Would recommended.

  8. 35260


    Blackjack really impressed me. I usually us this before bed time and its perfect!!! Really relaxing and send me off to bed nicely.

  9. 36780


    This one is very good. I take it by vape, but i also do chocolate whit it. Very good quality, perfect for the day time. Very calming and you can do all you need no problems. Its a perfect stain for the day time

  10. 36762


    This stuff tastes so good. It's nice and smooth. I was a bit nervous to buy it but oh boy I'm glad I did. The smell of the flower is sweet... great product all around.