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  1. 110930

    Michael Yang

    Sooo frosty! Great strain for stress and anxiety!

  2. 117770

    Chad Torres

    A very clearheaded high that leaves your mind and body very relaxed but functional.

  3. 117770

    Denny Baranda

    Light, still able to think, a social and upbeat with a kick of sleepy at the end.

  4. 147912

    Gary Kang

    It has an awesome taste and is uplifting and calming at the same time.

  5. 162881

    Jackie Kurniawan

    I have anxiety issues from PTSD and this strain is not inducing any of those feelings at all

  6. 147912

    Sue Ellen

    A full body high feeling tingly from head to toe. Not in an anxious way!

  7. 162881

    Darren Li

    I am super into sativas and hybrids lately and this checks a lot of boxes.

  8. 79235

    Ashleigh Mikami

    This strain hits right in the sweet spot!

  9. 79235

    Gregory Lowe

    nice high good taste kinda like a grape blueberry flavour I would put this in my top 10 favourite strains

  10. 13817

    Leonard Graves

    Awesome strain! Gives me energy. Very uplifting. Depression and anxiety erasing.