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What to Expect For Your First Time Dabbing

Woman exhaling smoke after taking a hit from a dab pen and dabbing for the first time.

First-Time Dabber? Here’s What to Expect

Here’s what to expect for your first time dabbing; 

Pop culture will have you believe that dabbing is a dance move that originated from the Atlanta rap scenes. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth as far as marijuana culture is concerned.

If you’re an avid cannabis consumer, you probably know what dabbing is, but here is a clear-cut definition. Dabbing is a slang term for consuming marijuana concentrates, also known as dabs.

Dabs or concentrates come in various textures and take on different tints and shades of yellow or gold. The most common ones include budder, which comes in a frothy texture.

Shatter comes in a thin glass texture, while crumble comes in a crumbly texture. Other concentrates include live resin, caviar, budder, hash, and kief.

You can consume marijuana concentrate in an e-ring, dab pen, or dab ring.

Wondering what to expect for your first time dabbing? Your first time dabbing can be very fun, but things can get tricky or outright intimidating if you don’t know what’s happening or what to expect.

Unlike other methods of consuming weed or weed products, there’s an art to dubbing.

For one, there are a lot of tools, including glassware and torches, you need to familiarize yourself with.

You must also know the step-by-step process to avoid burning yourself or overconsuming the highly potent concentrates you’ll be dabbing.

Therefore, we’ve prepared this article to help you hit the ground running with dabbing.

We’ll tell you what to expect for your first time dabbing, how to properly dab, and give you tips to help you have a smooth dabbing session.

What to Expect for Your First Time Dabbing & Why Do People Love Dabbing?

Dab drug cannabis concentrate for dabbing. what to expect for your first time dabbing? shatter, budder weed, and THC concentrate for sale from MMJ Express online dispensary.

Many cannabis connoisseurs and patients that love dabbing rave about the incredible benefits that come with dabbing concentrates.

One such benefit that sticks out would be the purity and cleanness of concentrates. 

Essentially, concentrates have been stripped of all unnecessary material like plant matter to extract only the beneficial compound in concentrated form.

So your dabbing session will be free from ash or plant matter inhalation.

Here are other reasons patients and recreational users indulge in a dab session from time to time.

High Potency

If smoking weed is no longer giving you the desired effect, you might want to switch things up and try a concentrate. Concentrates like Budder – Milk Bone can feature THC levels of up to 90 percent. 

Quick Onset of Effects

A medical marijuana patient who needs fast relief might want to try concentrates. Many patients have reported getting immediate relief from symptoms such as nausea, chronic pain, and anxiety after dabbing a marijuana concentrate.

Smoother Hits

Concentrates are properly made, clean, pure, and free from plant matter that usually burns to produce hot smoke that can irritate the lungs and throat.

When dabbing concentrate, you can rest easy knowing that with each toke, you get terpenes and cannabinoids minus any irritation.

What to Expect For Your First Time Dabbing Session

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Still wondering what to expect for your first time dabbing?

Dabbing for the first time can be intimidating because of the intense high that comes with concentrates. One way to avoid having a bad trip is to mentally prepare for what’s about to happen.

Here’s what to expect for your first time dabbing.

1. What to Expect For Your First Time Dabbing- Incredibly Alive Flavours

You’ll first notice the intense burst of flavours as you inhale the vape from your dab ring or e-ring.

Some cannabis connoisseurs have described the sensation as an array of distinct flavours popping up to life and imbuing all their senses.

All the delicious flavours and aromas can be attributed to the highly concentrated terpenes in the concentrates.

In fact, the terpenes are the compound responsible for the distinct aroma and flavour of different cannabis chemovars.

High-quality concentrates will still possess the essential compound and boast all the exquisite flavours—for example, our highly potent Budder – Chocolope promises intense, enticing chocolate flavours and aromas.

If you love the smell and taste of citrus accentuated by pine and tropical notes, try the Budder – Orange Sherbet. After its magnificent high, prepare for a sedating comedown that will merge you to the couch. 

2. What to Expect For Your First Time Dabbing- Intense Body and Mind High

In the first minute of your hit, an intense rush will wash over your body. The high from dabbing doesn’t creep in slow and build on. Instead, it hits like a bang, more like, ‘I’m not high.’  to ‘Well, now I’m super high.’

As your body acclimates to this new sense of being, you begin to get more aware of your surroundings, times seem to slow down, colours take on vivid variation, and everything looks and sounds funny.

The high from dabbing is clear and clean. You’ll feel elevated but not leery. The only problem, of course, will be trying to fight the intense bouts of giggles.

3. What to Expect For Your First Time Dabbing- The Munchies

After riding the euphoric psychedelic wave of dabbing, the comedown will leave you good and hungry. So make sure to have snacks and water on standby to quench your thirst and cure your insatiable hunger. 

What to Expect For Your First Time Dabbing & How to Take a Dab: A Step-By-Step Explanation

Now that you know exactly what to expect for your first time dabbing, how should you take a dab?

Most cannabis enthusiasts who dab on the regular say they do it because they love all the intricate processes and equipment needed for a good dabbing session. 

Therefore, the step-by-step guide below will help you appreciate the intricate processes that go into dabbing, so you know how to take a dab. 

Here are the pieces of equipment you need to assemble:

  • A dab ring which is essentially a water pipe. 
  • Nail: where concentrates get vaporized.
  • Dabber; is a tool for picking concentrates.
  • The card cap works like a lid to improve convention to boost vapour production.
  • A concentrate, like shutter, caviar, live resin, crumble, and budder.
  • A torch; is the heat source for heating the nail.

With tools assembled, let’s get down to the best way to smoke concentrates.

So how do you do dabs? Here is the step-by-step process:

1. Assemble tools. From your concentrate to the dab ring, nail, torch, and dabber, you need to get everything ready for the process to begin.

2. Heat your nail. Next, turn on your torch and point it to the nail for about 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Turn your touch off, then allow the nail to cool for 30 seconds.

4. As the touch cools, load your dabber with a tiny drop of concentrate.

5. Place the dabber on the inside wall of your nail.

6. When the concentrate begins to melt, gently inhale.

7.  You can also place the carb cap on the nail as you inhale. The card cap promotes vapour formation and maintains temperatures.

Tips and Tricks To Have a Smooth Dabbing Session

When looking at what to expect for your first time dabbing, it’s also a great idea to analyze what can go wrong and prepare for it.

Here are a few things to avoid when taking THC concentrates to ensure a smooth sailing experience.

Veer Away From Low-Quality Concentrates

If you’re looking to buy weed online in Canada, purchase weed online from a pot store that gives a detailed explanation of what the product is and what it does.

This will help you make an informed decision. For example, with a product like Crumble – Dosi Punch, you’ll notice a detailed description of the concentrate’s aromas, flavours, and effects.

We even go further to highlight the medical benefits associated with the concentrate.

Try Reverse Dabs to Avoid Coughing

The best way to smoke concentrates and avoid that irritating cough is to do a reverse dab.

The process involves loading your concentrate on the nail, covering it with the card cap, then heating the nail.

As the concentrate evaporates, you can now begin inhaling the cool vapour.

Concentrates Are More Potent, Go Slow

When looking at what to expect for your first time dabbing, remember concentrates are more potent.

Most concentrates have high THC levels that range from 65% to 90%, which means you’ll only need a very small amount of concentrate to get high.

To start, only scoop a teensy bit of concentrate using your dabber. Then, if you find the high is not where you want it to be, you can increase the amount of your scoop.

However, avoid taking large amounts of concentrates. It can lead to profuse sweating and vomiting.

What to Expect For Your First Time Dabbing; Precautions to Take

When looking at what to expect for your first time dabbing, here are some of the necessary precautions to take.

• Don’t Overheat Your Nails

Overheating your dab nail can lead to an intense cough and a bad dab experience. To avoid this, only heat the underside of the nail until it turns red hot.

Once that is done, let it cool off until it’s no longer red before dabbing.

• Stay Hydrated

Following a dab with a cold glass of water will not only cool things down in your throat but also get your brain and body ready to enjoy the high.

• Avoid Burning Yourself With the Dab Tool

Since you’ll be using a heat source to get your nail red hot, it would be wise to keep in mind other parts of the dabbing tool can also get hot and stay hot for a long time.

So, after dabbing, place the tool in a safe place and let it cool off.

What to Expect For Your First Time Dabbing; Takeaway

After learning what to expect for your first time dabbing, you might be wondering where to buy the best weed concentrates in Canada.

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