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Top 7 Shatter Weed Concentrates at Our Online Dispensary

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7 Shatter Weed Concentrates Taking Cannabis Consumption To The Next Level

Cannabis connoisseurs are always on the hunt for the purest and most potent weed products. And if it’s quality you’re after, a cannabis concentrate like shatter weed from MMJ Express is all you need.

Shatter weed is sweeping the cannabis consumption world off its feet, and thanks to current research, much more is now known about the concentrate.

So what is shatter weed anyway? Shatter weed has a fascinating glass-like appearance that easily distinguishes it from other concentrates.

Moreover, it takes on varying hues, from a translucent yellow-like vegetable oil colour to honey-like tints and shades of amber.

Weed shatter has a brittle consistency that easily shatters or cracks when pulled apart. Its unique properties are attributed to the extraction process used to make it.

Shatter weed is made by extracting essential compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes from whole-plant cannabis.

Usually, the process utilizes an oil-soluble solvent so that all essential cannabis compounds can be absorbed into the solvent and separated from the plant material.

The remaining plant material is discarded while the cannabinoid-rich solvent is then purged to get rid of the solvent to only remain with pure cannabinoids.

That’s why cannabis concentrates are some of the purest compounds, sometimes containing up to 90% THC.

The purity and potency of shatter weed make it a must-try cannabis product. This guide will detail the seven shatter weed products you can buy online at our online dispensary.

We’ll also list the amazing benefits of shatter.

The Benefits of Using Shatter Weedwoman stretching having fun at home after smoking shatter weed from MMJ Express weed store and online dispensary for cannabis concentrates and weed online Canada.

Buy shatter online and enjoy these amazing wellness benefits.

• Potency and Efficiency

The rigorous process of making shatter removes most impurities and contaminants from the extracts, leaving behind a concentrated substance.

So when you buy shatter online, you’re assured of a near pure and potent substance.

And unlike other cannabis products, a little goes a long way—a small amount of shatter will give longer relief from symptoms.

• Fast Onset of Effects

When exposing shatter to heat, as with dabbing, it activates the tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) into THC. When you inhale this vapour, you immediately begin to feel the psychoactive effects.

This is because THC can interact with various receptors in the body to regulate physiological functions. And since weed shatter is a potent product, patients can expect immediate and long-lasting relief from symptoms.

• Smooth Consumption Experience

Dabbing shatter weed doesn’t involve combustion, so no smoke is produced. Therefore, your toking session will be highlighted by clean hits, free from choking smoke that irritates the lungs and throat.

A bonus benefit is that your equipment will also stay clean after a dabbing session since no smoke means no build-up of tar residue.

• Medicinal and Therapeutic BenefitsMedical benefits of shatter concept with a doctor holding a bottle of shatter weed concentrate for sale online in Canada at a weed store for BC cannabis and mail order marijauna.

Though much more research is needed to fully understand the medical benefits of cannabinoids, the research that has come out has alluded to the many therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

Studies conducted to reveal the health effects of cannabis concluded essential cannabinoids like THC might be potentially beneficial in managing numerous conditions.

They include preventing nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, significantly reducing chronic pain and reducing continuous muscle stiffness,  involuntary contractions and spasms in multiple sclerosis (MS)

• You Save More

Since you only need a small amount of shatter to feel the desired effects, even a tiny amount of the products can last you a long while.

You’ll get premium weed shatter at lower prices if you buy shatter online at your favourite mail-order marijuana dispensary, MMJ Express.

The 7 Best Shatter Weed Concentrates at MMJ Express

Because shatter is extracted from individual cannabis strains, they will take on the physical and chemical properties of the chemovars.

Only these properties will be magnified as weed shutter is essentially a concentration of essential cannabinoids found in weed.

Here are seven shatter weeds that will keep you coming back for more because of their delicious flavours and potent effects.

1. Premium Shatter – Super Silver HazePremium Shatter – Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze Shatter Concentrate is made from the 80% Sativa strain Super Silver Haze. Its long-lasting energy-inducing effects make it essential to your morning routine.

Spicy, herbaceous notes flood your senses on the inhale, while sweet, tangy lemon flavours accent your exhale.

Since Premium Shatter – Super Silver Haze is heavily Sativa, expect superior head highs and a pleasant surge in creativity and energy.

Patients treating fatigue, nausea, stress, migraines and depression find the effects of this weed shatter particularly helpful.

2. So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Girl Scout CookiesSo High Extracts Premium Shatter – Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a slightly Indica weed famous for its high THC levels of 28%. Such high THC levels mean that the weed shatter made from the strain will be that much more potent.

So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Girl Scout Cookies induces a powerful high which begins as a euphoric buzz. Soon after, a wave of full-body relaxation and sedation will creep in, leaving you couched-locked.

Cannabis connoisseurs love the strain for its delicious scent and aroma profile. Toking on a morsel of the weed shatter will unveil a slew of dessert-like flavours featuring notes of sweet cherry, mint and tangy lemon.

Patients dabbing on So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Girl Scout Cookies may enjoy fast and lasting relief from appetite loss, chronic pain, and nausea.

3. So High Extracts Premium Shatter – CandylandSo High Extracts Premium Shatter – Candyland

Candyland, as its name suggests, is a Sativa-leaning weed with an irresistible flavour and aromatic profile.

Toking on So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Candyland will lead to a swirl of decadent flavours featuring herbaceous, sweet spicy notes, honey flavours and hints of sweet berries.

If this swarm of sweet flavours doesn’t get you up and moving, Candyland’s energetic surging effects will. As the high kicks in, you’ll feel uplifted and stimulated.

That’s why Candyland is a favourite strain when doing outdoor social events.

Patients who turn to use Candyland swear by its ability to soothe muscle tension, sour moods, and chronic pain.

4. So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Hawaiian SnowSo High Extracts Premium Shatter – Hawaiian Snow

There’s nothing more satisfying than starting your morning on a delicious note that will leave you bursting with energy and happiness.

That’s exactly what dabbing on a nibble of So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Hawaiian Snow will get you.

The shatter weed is a 100% Sativa strain and contains delicious tropical flavours. From decadent juicy mango notes to zingy pineapple flavours, Hawaiian Snow has it all.

Once you’re done taking in the fruity flavours, the cloudy head high will kick in. But, after that, you’ll feel euphoric, uplifted, and energetic.

These effects make the weed shatter perfect for social events when you want to let loose and enjoy some giggles.

Patients managing anxiety, chronic pain, and depression may find soothing relief from their symptoms after a few puffs of So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Hawaiian Snow.

5. So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Death BubbaSo High Extracts Premium Shatter – Death Bubba

Nothing puts a cap on a long day other than a highly potent Indica strain that will induce relaxation before thrusting you into a deep undisturbed sleep.

Death Bubba Shatter Concentrate is a heavy-leaning indica shatter that will induce a euphoric psychoactive cloud that will slowly advance into deep relaxation.

You’ll then begin to feel couch-locked before drifting into a death-like sleep.

Death Bubba has subtle aromas of musky pine and earthy spicy notes with pungent skunky flavours.

The strain is perfect for patients managing ADD/ADHD, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, migraine, stress, chronic pain, and nightmares.

6. So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Lemon Sour DieselSo High Extracts Premium Shatter – Lemon Sour Diesel

Lemon Sour Diesel Shatter boasts intense lemon flavours with hints of sweet spices and diesel notes on the exhale.

Since the weed shatter is heavily Sativa leaning, expect an immediate onset of euphoric buzz and pleasant surges in creativity and energy.

Body-uplifting psychoactive effects make the strain ideal for managing chronic pain, migraines, and mood disorders.

7. So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Premium Shatter has unique banana, grape and pine aromatic flavours. The Sativa effect will set in soon after your last toke, immersing you in an intense euphoric high that leaves you calm and relaxed.

Patients treating chronic pain, depression, insomnia, migraines, PTSD, and bipolar disorder may benefit from So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Alaskan Thunder Fuck.

How to Consume Shatter Weed for Maximum Effects

So, how do you use shatter weed to get all the incredible benefits? First, it’s worth noting that orally consuming shatter weed would not lead to any psychoactive effects.

That’s because the essential cannabinoids in the concentrate are in their inactive form. However, exposing the shatter to heat activates the inactive THCA to THC.

Therefore, dabbing may be the best way to enjoy weed shatter’s medical benefits.

With a dab rig or dab pen vaporizer shatters, you can inhale clean vapour free from smoke, leading to smooth hits and an enjoyable dabbing session.

Get Your THC Fix From Our Incredible Line Of Concentrates

MMJ Express stocks the best quality cheap weed in Canada to ensure that cannabis patients and recreational users access essential cannabis products anywhere in Canada.

Whether you’re looking for budget buds, premium value buds, delicious concentrates, or edibles, you can buy weed online at MMJ Express, Canada’s favourite pot store.

So have fun shopping with us and enjoy fast delivery to your doorstep Canada-wide.

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