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The 5 Best Marijuana Strains For Daytime Use

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Looking For A Creativity Boost: Here Are The 5 Best Marijuana Strains For Daytime Use

What are the best marijuana strains for daytime use?

For a long time, people have associated cannabis use with relaxation, sleepiness and euphoria.

Indica dominant strains mostly cause this assumption as they are known to induce a state of deep relaxation. But are there best marijuana strains for daytime use?

Cannabis can do more than just help you relax after a long day of work. Some best marijuana strains for daytime use are known to boost energy levels, induce a state of focus, and fire up your creative engine.

Strains with dominant uplifting effects make the best marijuana strains for daytime use. They don’t put you out of commission or sedate your body on the comedown as most indicas do.

Most sativa dominant strains fit the daytime use cannabis profile. The strains are energizing and refreshing and produce a head high that can help reduce stress and anxiety while boosting focus and creativity.

But there’s a caveat: as more research into cannabis emerges, many in the industry are moving away from terms like Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa.

This classification doesn’t consider the impact of terpenes and other compounds on the overall effect of the weed bud. 

Chemical variation of weed can be the best indicator of the effect you’ll experience.

This article will detail how best to predict the effects of different strains and give you a list of the six best marijuana strains for daytime use.

What Determines the Overall Effect of a Strain?Value buds and preroll joints from an online dispensary in Canada for mail order marijuana & dispensary weed. best marijuana strains for daytime use.

When looking for the best marijuana strains for daytime use, we need to understand how marijuana affects us.

The specific chemovar or chemical variation of the breed of weed plays a significant role as far as its effects go.

Some of the chemical characteristics that can help you select the best weed breed for daytime use are the terpene profile and the types of cannabinoids that are dominant in the breed.

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds responsible for the flavour and aroma of weed. The compound also contributes to the medical benefits associated with each weed breed.

Limonene, Eucalyptol, Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Myrcene are some terpenes responsible for energy-boosting effects.

Since these terpenes are dominant in Sativa breeds, they’re responsible for the stimulating effects associated with Sativa.

So if you’ve ever wondered what are the best marijuana strains for daytime use, what strains of weed keep you awake, or is Sativa weed a daytime use strain? The answer is yes.

Sativa strains are brimming with cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to produce energizing and invigorating effects.

Below is a list of five best marijuana strains for daytime use that will keep you energized and focused throughout your day.

1. Durban Poison AAADurban Poison weed online Canada is one of the best marijuana strains for daytime use. Buy weed online from weed dispensary MMJ Express BC cannabis.

We can’t talk about the best marijuana strains for daytime use and fail to mention Durban Poison.

Durban Poison AAA is a pure Sativa breed popular for its intense flavours and high THC levels of up to 21%.

The breed has hard-hitting Sativa effects that will keep you happy and energized throughout your day.


Durban Poison AAA is a sight for sore eyes. The buds appear chunky and spherical, with a resinous layer of trichomes covering them.

On top of the buds are the orange-coloured pistols that contrast perfectly with the whitish and green hues.

Scent and Flavor

Durban Poison AAA offers an array of intricate aromas and flavours featuring pleasant fruity sweet notes with subtle tones of pine and dank.

On the inhale, the smoke will taste danky, complemented by tones of sweet licorice. As you continue to toke, you’ll pick up pungent skunky aromas.

The subtle earthy notes of pine are what will linger on long after your toking session.


The high THC count in Durban Poison AAA is responsible for the hard-hitting head high.

Also, the boost of energy that comes with this high makes this weed breed excellent for creativity and getting you through a long day.

Durban Poison AAA will have you riding a euphoric wave into a blissful reality where everything is enhanced.

The colours will seem brighter, the music more melodic, your focus sharper, and you’ll be more aware of your surroundings.

Looking for the best marijuana strains for daytime use, Buy Durban Poison from MMJ Express today.

2. Island Sweet Skunk AAAIsland Sweet Skunk budget buds for sale at MMJ Express online dispensary Canada for mail order marijuana. Cannabis Canada.

Another bud that makes it on our list of the best marijuana strains for daytime use is Island Sweet Skunk AAA.

Island Sweet Skunk AAA is an 80% Sativa hybrid made by crossing Skunk #1 with Sweet Pink Grapefruit. The breed is loved for its sweet, skanky flavour and high THC count of 22%.


Island Sweet Skunk AAA has dense round buds with a deep green hue. A thick layer of resin-covered trichomes surrounds the buds with burning yellow pistils poking through them.

Scent and Flavor

Island Sweet Skunk AAA produces a characteristic sweet and skunky aroma. The inhale of swirls of skunky notes will fill your mouth with subtle tropical flavours and grapefruits.

The thick creamy smoke may also have some citrus notes, which will linger in your mouth long after the exhale.


After a few tokes of Island Sweet Skunk AAA, expect an upbeat high that will first manifest as a gentle body buzz brimming all your systems with an electric charge.

Your mood will also get a power boost, leaving you mellow, uplifted, focused, and full of energy.

All these effects make Island Sweet Skunk AAA great for running errands, social events, hiking, or performing creative tasks.

When looking for the best marijuana strains for daytime use, consider Buying Island Sweet Skunk online from MMJ Express, the leading Canadian mail-order marijuana dispensary.

3. Best Marijuana Strains For Daytime Use;Strawberries & Cream AA

Strawberries & Cream AA is a 60% Sativa dominant hybrid strain made by crossbreeding The White strains with Strawberry Cough X. It features a THC count of up to 18%


Strawberries & Cream AA produce small deep green nugs covered in bright orange pistils that appear like soft hairs.

A layer of sticky trichomes covers the nugs, giving them an overall whitish hue.

Scent and Flavor

Strawberries & Cream AA, as the name suggests, has a decadent scent and flavour profile reminiscent of an indulgent dessert.

Expect notes of berries, vanilla, and tropical fruits with a spicy twist.

The creamy clouds of smoke taste like sweet berries and earthy pine on the inhale, while floral, and pepper notes will dominate your exhale for that extra kick.


Strawberries & Cream AA high begins with a cerebral uplift that puts you in a good mood and opens a doorway to focus and creativity.

The high then spread throughout your entire body, thrusting you into a state of energy that leaves you calm and relaxed but not at all sedated or couch-locked.

 Don’t forget to Buy Strawberries & Cream AA online from MMJ Express when looking for the best marijuana strains for daytime use.

4. Super Lemon Haze AAAA

Super Lemon Haze AAAA is a daytime sativa breed made by crossing Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze.

The zesty strain boasts a whopping 25% THC count and a pleasant, lively high that pairs well with a long list of errands.


Super Lemon Haze AAAA features beautiful colouring with loosely packed green nugs of different sizes.

Orange-red hair can be seen poking through the buds underneath a layer of precious crystalline trichomes.

Scent and Flavor

Super Lemon Haze AAAA smells reminiscent of sweet candy. The sweet notes are accented by dominant, sharp, zesty lemon undertones.

The flavour is similar to the aroma highlighted by a sharp tart that lingers on long after toking.


Super Lemon Haze AAAA has a peppy high that will leave you invigorated and full of energy.

You’ll feel a sensation of intense happiness, mood boost, arousal, and major bouts of creativity.

Buy this premium bud for cheap at the MMJ Express online weed dispensary.

5. Lemon Sour Diesel AAAA

When looking for the best marijuana strains for daytime use, consider buying Lemon Sour Diesel AAAA.

Lemon Sour Diesel AAAA is an 80% Sativa dominant strain with up to 25% THC. The strain was created by crossing California Sour with Lost Coast OG.

If you’ve been wondering what kind of marijuana gives you the most energy, trust Lemon Sour Diesel AAAA to be up to the task.


Lemon Sour Diesel AAAA has a beguiling outward appearance that will draw you in. 

The buds grow in dense clusters and take on a neon green hue. Golden orange-haired pistils emerge from the buds to offer a perfect contrast to the neon green hue.

Like the final piece of the puzzle, a thick layer of creamy white resins cover the buds.

Scent and Flavor

Lemon Sour Diesel AAAA has a robust scent and flavour profile featuring incense sour taste accented by pungent diesel after tastes.

When you finally exhale the smoke, expect an intense aroma of skunky lemon with light spicy notes that will linger on long after.


Lemon Sour Diesel AAAA is one of the best weed strains for daytime use for its immediate energy-inducing high.

An intense rush of energy will flood your body as you begin to feel more creative and motivated.

Notably, With a couple of tokes of Lemon Sour Diesel AAAA, your to-do list won’t know what hit it. Buy this daytime use strain online at MMJ Express.

Where To Buy Best Marijuana Strains For Daytime Use

Are you looking for some extra boost to get you through a tough day or week?

Then, stock up on some best marijuana strains for daytime use and enjoy a never-ending boost of creativity, energy, and focus that will get you up and moving.

At MMJ Express, we feature a great variety of weed products in our online dispensary. You’ll be spoiled for choices from edibles, concentrates, and topicals to vapes.

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