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Here’s Why Northern Lights Weed Should Be On Your List

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Only for the Bold: The Ultimate Northern Lights Weed Review

Northern Lights weed will make you see the magic of the Aurora Borealis – or at least, give you an indescribable, otherworldly experience. 

If you are new to this strain, welcome. 

This article outlines and explains everything you need to know about the Northern Lights weed strain. Read about its terpene profile, THC content, aroma and flavour profile, recreational and medical benefits and much more. 

Also, find out the most delicious and potent products that will give you an experience for a lifetime. 

Remember, for the best Northern Lights potency, you will want to buy weed online in Canada from a reputable dispensary like MMJ Express. 

Otherwise, if you choose an unregulated pot store, you may put yourself at risk of side effects like paranoia. Luckily, the Northern Lights weed strain from MMJ Express, the number one weed store in Canada, is effective, ultra-potent, and most importantly, safe.

What strain is Northern Lights weed? Where did the Northern Lights strain come from? Keep scrolling to uncover it all.

What Strain is Northern Lights Weed?

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If you’ve been living under a rock and you haven’t heard about the Northern Lights weed, you are missing out. 

This is a legendary Indica strain with powerful psychoactive effects. Formerly, this strain went by the name CI #5 F1, and it is known for its award-winning status as one of the most popular and beloved Indicas on the market. 

As you’ll find out from this Northern Lights strain review, this almost pure Indica (95 percent Indica) is well received by recreational consumers, medical patients, as well as growers. 

It’s also famously known as the “two-hit and quit” strain, which means that it tends to “slam” your body into a lazy, almost death-like numbing mode. After a few hits, you’ll have an intense desire to lounge on your couch for hours, in an almost “melting” state. 

The effects of the Northern Lights cannabis are characterized by an overall body high – get ready to feel happy, blissful and at peace. 

According to a Northern Lights strain review, this bud will spark your creativity levels, making it one of the most popular Indica strains among struggling painters, musicians, and artists. 

However, due to its high THC levels and insanely delicious taste, this can be a mind-blowing strain. 

For more mellow effects, we recommend starting with low doses of the Northern Lights cannabis, and only increasing amounts if required. 

If overused, you may put yourself at risk of experiencing typical cannabis-related side effects such as cotton mouth, paranoia, and anxiety.

Where Did Northern Lights Weed Strain Come From?

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If you’re wondering “is Northern Lights a good strain?”, we recommend taking a look at the genetics and deciding for yourself! 

The Northern Lights cannabis is the “child” of the famous Afghani and Thai strains. Even if you are a complete beginner in the cannabis world, you are bound to have heard about these two. 

If not, here’s a recap. 

Afghani or “Afghanistan” is a powerful Indica cannabis strain that is well-known for its euphoric and relaxation-inducing effects. 

The earthy aroma with an overtone of pungent and spicy flavours makes this strain suitable for people with a unique taste in weed. THC levels can range anywhere from 19 percent and up, making Afghani a great strain for pain relief, stress disorders, and insomnia. 

On the other hand, Thai is a pure Sativa landrace with famous offsprings like Juicy Fruit, Haze, Voodoo and more. Its distinct tobacco flavour is balanced out with a citrusy aroma for the consumer’s enjoyment. 

Like Afghani, the THC levels of Thai also range from 19 percent and up (depending on the quality of the batch, the reliability of your pot store, and more). 

Overall, it’s a focus-sharpening and energizing strain for the bold. To summarise, is Northern Lights weed a good strain? Stoners like to think so! In fact, this is an excellent strain with overpowering Indica qualities and some Sativa properties. 

The Best Northern Lights Weed

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You want to get the Northern Lights weed strain, but you’re unsure where to get started. You are looking for this Indica at your favourite online dispensary but you can’t seem to find it. 

Sadly, Indicas like the Northern Lights weed strain is extremely rare due to their growing popularity. 

The good news is that your search is finally over. 

Below, we’ve compiled some fantastic budget buds that will give you what you need. Remember, you can get these products from the best weed dispensary in Canada, MMJ Express. Keep reading.

1. Northern Lights AA

Northern Lights strain cheapweed value buds. Buy weed online. Dispensary weed and mail order marijuana weed store. Cannabis Canada.

We can’t have a Northern Lights strain review without featuring the OG, the Northern Lights AA dry herb. As you know, this is an Indica with high THC levels for experienced users. 

Namely, you get approximately 20 percent of the psychoactive compound, but the exact amounts will vary from one batch to the next. 

Also, for the best Northern Lights weed potency, we suggest purchasing mail order marijuana from MMJ Express. This weed dispensary ensures the highest quality for the lowest price. 

Let’s talk flavour. The flavour and aroma profile is a surprising mixture of pine, woody, spicy, and sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, you will fall in love with this Indica. 

If not, don’t worry, the pungent aroma balances things out. So, while this is a sweet strain, it’s not overpoweringly sugary. 

Due to the high Northern Lights potency, this is a fantastic strain for stress, bipolar disorder, headaches, appetite loss, anxiety, PTSD, migraines, and insomnia. In brief, it will take all of your worries away and leave you feeling “floating.” 

Also, an excellent alternative to this Indica is the Northern Lights Blue strain, a cross between Blueberry and Northern Lights. 

Thanks to Blueberry, the resulting baby strain has a pleasant fruity taste and jaw-dropping recreational and medicinal benefits. Namely, the Northern Lights Blue strain can help alleviate symptoms of chronic pain and give you an overall sense of wellness.

2. Burn Extracts – Northern Lights Mega-Sized Disposable Pen 2ML

If you are a lover of vaping, the Burn Extracts Northern Lights is the right option for you. It’s an affordable and easy-to-use disposable vape pen for stoners of all budgets looking for a convenient way to enjoy cannabis. 

In each pen, you receive 2 grams (or 2,000mg) of pure, high-quality distillate oil. 

Are you new to Burn? Here’s the tea. Burn is a well-known homegrown extract company that provides users with the hottest products made from premium-grade flowers from BC growers.

All of the pens are solvent-free and infused with 100 percent natural flavour and terpenes. 

Using the Burn Extracts Northern Lights is fool-proof. 

It’s pull-activated, so even complete beginners can use it with ease. Just draw for a maximum of five seconds and start inhaling and exhaling. Keep in mind that the charging cable is not provided.

Get the Burn Extracts Northern Lights Mega Sized Disposable Pen 2ml for just $46.

Northern Lights Strain: Terpene Profile

The Northern Lights Indica strain is a stunning, densely packed cannabis bud with a lusciously dark, olive-green and purple appearance. Beyond its captivating appearance, this Indica is loved for its impressive terpene profile. 

The main terpenes in this strain are Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Pinene. A blend of these key terpenes gives Northern Lights it’s signature potent peppery and herbal kick and refreshing citrusy flavour and aroma. 

According to research, Beta-Caryophyllene has strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial effects. It can help relieve pain, and anxiety, treat seizures and prevent osteoporosis.

The same benefits are associated with Myrcene (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer effects).On the other hand, Pinene acts as an antioxidant, and it is a potent anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective agent. 

According to findings, Pinene may help relieve inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress, and neuronal damage.

Northern Lights Cannabis THC Content

Typically, the THC content of this strain will range anywhere from 20 percent and up. Depending on where you purchase the strain from, the THC content may vary. Get this mail order marijuana today and expect at least 20 percent of THC.

Northern Lights Weed Strain Effects

Northern Lights is a very beneficial medical strain, and it has been shown to be effective in treating pain, appetite loss, anxiety, and insomnia symptoms. Since this is an Indica strain, you can expect the typical sedative and lulling effects. 

Northern Lights weed is an excellent strain for the evening hours when you want to relax and unwind. It will sedate you without a doubt, so get ready to fall asleep.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Weed in Canada?

You can find the Northern Lights strain and other value buds at MMJ Express, the best place to buy weed online in Canada. At our online dispensary, you’ll find a collection of the finest dry herbs, concentrates, CBD oils, vapes, edibles, and more.

Are you ready to buy the Northern Lights weed? Head to MMJ Express and place an order today. Hint, shipping is ultra-fast and discreet.

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