How to Roll a Joint in 5 Steps

How to Roll a Joint in 5 Steps

Smoking a joint is perhaps the most well-known way for users to use cannabis. When most people hear the word “cannabis,” they picture someone lighting up a joint and smoking it by themselves or with friends.

If you are new to cannabis or just want to try this classic cannabis consumption method, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about rolling your own joint.

What Is a Joint?

A joint is also sometimes called a cannabis cigarette and is a smokable cannabis product. A joint consists of three parts:

  1. Cannabis (the strain of your choice)
  2. Rolling paper
  3. A filter (sometimes also called a crutch)

Joints are commonly hand-rolled by users, but you can also find prerolled joints at many dispensaries. Prerolls are usually available to purchase individually, or you may find them in bulk packages.

Benefits of Cannabis Joints

There’s a reason joints remain one of the most popular smoking methods, even with the incredible number of cannabis products on the market today.

First, joints are quite portable. Just be sure to place them somewhere they won’t get squished, such as a protective case or canister when traveling. Because they are smaller, they are also easy to pack up and carry with you.

Second, smoking a joint is often seen as a group activity, a way to bond with friends (though you should be sure to follow COVID-19 protocols closely). Many cannabis users enjoy lighting up and passing a joint amongst friends.

Finally, joints are just a part of cannabis culture. They’ve been around since the beginning, making smoking them popular among cannabis users.

A Look at Rolling Papers

A Look at Rolling Papers

Before we share how to roll a joint, you will need to gather supplies. One crucial item you’ll need: rolling papers.

Rolling papers can be made of different materials, such as:

  • Hemp
  • Rice
  • Wood pulp

In addition to being made from different materials, rolling papers also come in different sizes and thicknesses. So, which one should you purchase and use?

When choosing the right rolling paper, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration.

  • Think about your skill level. If you are new to rolling joints, you will need a paper that is thick enough not to break easily yet can be manipulated without trouble. Hemp rolling papers are often seen as a good option for beginners.
  • Decide what thickness you need. Papers that are very thick can be difficult to roll. On the other hand, ultra-thin papers can break easily as you roll them. Beginners may find a middle-of-the-road paper the best place to start.
  • Think about your dietary restrictions. Are you vegan, or do you prefer sugar-free? That can impact the paper you choose to use. Vegan and organic rolling papers are on the market, so if that is important to you, be sure to purchase those.

How to Roll a Cannabis Joint

Before you roll your first joint, remember that rolling joints is a bit of an art form. If you are a bit clumsy as you roll your first one, don’t worry. You will get better the more you do it. As they say, practice makes perfect.

First, you’ll need to gather your supplies. You’ll need:

  • Your chosen cannabis strain
  • Rolling papers
  • A filter (or crutch)
  • A cannabis grinder
  • A pen (optional, but helpful your first time)
  • Rolling tray (optional)

Once you have all your supplies, it’s time to start rolling.

  1. Use your cannabis grinder to break down your cannabis strain. Do this over your rolling tray for easier clean-up.
  2. Get or create your filter. Some users prefer to make their own, but many smoke shops sell pre-made crutches. Buying one already made may make your first time rolling a joint easier.
  3. Place the crutch at one end of your flat rolling paper.
  4. Fill your paper with your cannabis. You’ll want to put less weed at the end with the crutch (this can also be done on a rolling tray for easy clean-up).
  5. Use a pen (or your fingers) to firmly press the weed in the paper. Then, roll it up and lick the seal to close it.

You can make one joint at a time. Some people like to roll a few, so they have some on hand for later. 

How to Roll a Cannabis Joint

Other Cannabis Options

If rolling your own joints seems like more work than you want to do, there are other ways you can consume cannabis as well. 

You can, of course, purchase prerolled joints. These are ready for you to open and use. Other popular cannabis options include:

Whatever way you choose to use cannabis, be sure to know your limits and start with a small amount. You can always increase it the next time you use it. 

How to Roll a Joint: A Summary

Rolling your own joint is a staple for many people using cannabis. Just remember, the first time you roll your own joint, it may not look perfect. Rolling joints is a skill, and you’ll only get better at it the more you do it. 

You will need some supplies to roll your own joint, but these can be found at most online dispensaries. If you need help choosing the right paper or even picking out a strain to try, don’t be afraid to ask the store’s staff, either in person, via a chat feature, or by sending them a message. 

If rolling a joint proves to be something you don’t want to do each time you want to smoke, prerolls are also an option. These come ready to smoke, but you’ll want to make sure it comes prerolled with your preferred cannabis strain

Finally, you can also choose other cannabis products to try, such as edibles and oils.

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    Some people find it really hard to learn how to roll joints; I however, have always found it innately easy. This is great because I love to roll spliffs and enjoy a few of them at a time. Great article for those learning the ropes in rolling a Jay!

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