Drinks that Will Help You Detox from Marijuana

Drinks that Will Help You Detox from Marijuana

Whether you use cannabis regularly or just on occasion, there may be times when you need to quickly flush the cannabis out of your system. You may think that drinking liquids such as tea or water, which are known to help flush out your system, can help you get cannabis and THC out of your system.

But getting THC out of your body is a long process. However, if time is of the essence, there are some options out there to help you stop THC from showing up on your drug test. One popular option is detox drinks.

Let’s see if detox drinks work and how cannabis detox works.

Why You May Need to Detox

First, why do you even need to detox? There are many reasons you may find yourself trying to get THC out of your body, including:

  • The need to take a drug test—soon.
  • A tolerance break, used by regular cannabis users to “reset” their cannabis tolerance.
  • As a system cleanse: Some people enjoy getting everything out of their system on occasion, including THC and toxins.

The Facts of Cannabis Detox and Withdrawal

How much THC is in your system before you start the detox process will depend on your size, how frequently you use weed, and even the THC content in the particular strain you are using. This will also determine exactly how long it takes for THC to make its way out of your system naturally.

On average, however, it can take between four and six weeks from your last cannabis experience for all traces of THC to leave your body. If you don’t use cannabis that often, you’ll fall on the shorter end of the spectrum, while regular users and those who use potent products will take closer to six weeks.

This timeframe may not be an option for those who need to pass a drug test tomorrow. That’s where things like detox drinks come in (more on that in the next section).

Cannabis detox can trigger some withdrawal symptoms, just like giving up caffeine would. Though there has been no reported instance of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, you may experience things such as:

Your withdrawal symptoms may be mild or a bit more severe, depending on how much THC you have in your system when you start the process.

A Look at Detox Drinks

A Look at Detox Drinks

Those new to detoxing from cannabis may think simply drinking tea or water will help get it out of their system. But that is not the case. Though there are certainly benefits to increasing your water intake, it will not do enough to flush your system of cannabis in a short amount of time.

That’s where detox drinks come in. These, as well as full detox kits, have hit the cannabis market with the promise to help users quickly flush THC out of their system. And while they can help users pass a drug test, they don’t work quite the way you may think they do.

Detox drinks typically come in a range from “lighter” options to stronger options. Lighter options are ideal for those who only use cannabis on occasion and won’t have a lot of THC in their system or those who have a lower body weight. The stronger detox drinks are better for those who use cannabis regularly, who use cannabis strains that are high in THC, or who have a higher body weight.

As you browse your detox drink options, look to see what options are available and which one will work best for you.

So, how exactly do detox drinks work? They will not completely flush all the THC from your system in 90 minutes, as that is a vast difference from the month or more it takes to naturally leave your system. Instead, detox drinks essentially “trick” your system.

Instead of removing THC from your body or urine, cannabis detox drinks trick the test into loading up a sample with vitamins and proteins. Think of it like adding sugar to your coffee to change the flavour and make it less bitter.

This “trick” doesn’t last forever, however. Usually, detox drinks open a window of time in which you can pass your drug test. They can take about 90 minutes to begin to work and generally will provide a clean result for about six hours. Read the information about your chosen detox drink to get a better idea of the timespan they offer.

Should I Use Detox Drinks?

Detox drinks are not the best option for everyone. They are probably best for those who need to pass a drug test for a new job or other reasons.

But for those who are detoxing for a tolerance break or to rid their system of THC and toxins, waiting for your body to naturally expel them is the better option. Unfortunately, we can’t speed up Mother Nature quite yet.

Should I Use Detox Drinks

Ways to Enjoy Cannabis and Limit THC in Your System

While some people may choose to limit their cannabis use while applying for jobs or when they have a heads-up that a test is coming, others may not want to. There are ways you can limit the amount of THC in your body while still enjoying cannabis products.

Limiting your THC intake can speed up how quickly it leaves your system. But using these products exclusively will not necessarily make it possible to pass a drug test.

You can limit your THC intake by:

  • Using CBD products like gummies, edibles, and oils.
  • Using cannabis strains that feature low amounts of THC or contain only CBD.

In Conclusion

It can take four to six months for cannabis and THC to leave your body naturally. If a drug test is on the horizon, you may need to speed that up.

While detox drinks won’t really flush your system of THC any faster, they can open up a window in which you can pass your test. Keep in mind, the only way to ensure you pass your test is to abstain from cannabis use for about 30 days prior.

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