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5 Most Potent Weed Gummies From Twisted Extracts

Twisted Extracts THC edibles and weed candy from online dispensary mail order marijuana edibles online.

These 5 Twisted Extracts Weed Gummies Will Blow You Away

If you are searching for the most delicious edibles on the cannabis market, you need to check out Twisted Extracts.

We’ve compiled the top five best and most potent weed gummies from this popular brand and reviewed each one in detail. 

These marijuana edibles are suitable for different taste buds, whether you are a fan of ultra-sweet treats or milder flavours. Are you ready to try out these edible weed gummies? We bet you are. 

But before heading to your favourite weed dispensary, make sure to pick and choose the right products for you. 

Above all, purchase products from a reliable and transparent weed store and online dispensary such as MMJ Express.

Check out the website and find a wide array of beneficial and professional-grade products, as well as the best weed gummies in Canada.

If all of this sounds good, let’s see which Twisted Extracts gummies are worth your time and money.

The Best Weed Gummies from Twisted Extracts (Top 5 Picks)

1. Twisted Extracts CarameltsTwisted Extracts Caramelts THC edibles. edibles canada. weed edibles. marijuana edibles canada.

Pot gummies are all the rage right now, but classic caramel candies for adults are still in the front row. 

If you are a fan of indulgent and rich flavours, you need to give the Twisted Extracts Caramels a go. 

This weed candy is available in three kinds, Indica, Sativa, and CBD and three combinations:

  • 80mg CBD
  • 80mg THC
  • 40mg THC and 40mg CBD

Pick and choose your preferred type based on your preferences and tolerance levels. This premium weed candy comes in a convenient 22g package, and you get eight per 10mg doses. 

Each 10mg dose is individually wrapped for easy use and quick cannabis on the go. If this dose of weed candy is too much for you, you can cut it in half and get a 5mg dose.

Beginners trying edible gummies for the first time are advised to begin with a 2.5mg dose. 

Stoners claim that you’ll feel the effects after 60 minutes. So, be patient and don’t increase the dose mindlessly. Besides their outstanding flavour, these Caramelts are also very low in calories. 

So, if you are looking for an alternative to high-calorie cannabis gummies, the Caramelts may be the perfect choice for you.

Get the Twisted Extracts Caramelts today for just $12.00.

2. Twisted Extracts – Mango Jelly Bombs 1:1 (SATIVA)Mango Jelly Bombs THC edibles from Twisted Extracts at MMJ Express online dispensary Canada. Buy edibles online. Weed candy.

If you are a seasoned stoner, you have probably already heard of the famous Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb. 

If not, here’s a quick overview of why you should get these delicious cannabis gummies today at your local pot store. 

In a nutshell, the Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb is a flavourful explosion of goodness. 

Not only are these cannabis gummies extremely delicious, but they also pack a punch. In each package, you get 17g of the jelly bombs, or eight times 10mg doses. 

The Twisted Extracts – Mango Jelly Bombs offer a 1:1 ratio (Sativa) with 40mg of CBD and 40mg of THC. This means that you will reap all of the benefits of both cannabidiol and psychoactive substance. 

Yes, these are the best weed gummies in Canada if you want to have fun and get super high. If you find this dosage too much, you can easily divide the pieces to pick your perfect dose. 

According to cannabis enthusiasts, these pot gummies are a must-have in everyone’s itinerary. If you don’t like the mango flavour, you can also go for cherry, pineapple, peach, or even orange. 

Order the Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb from MMJ Express, the best mail order marijuana dispensary in Canada for a mere $12.00.

3. Twisted Extracts – Blue Raspberry Zzz Bomb 1:1Blue Raspberry Zzz Bomb weed candy THC gummies at MMJ Express online dispensary for edibles online.

People dealing with sleep disorders such as insomnia will fall head over heels with the Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bomb. 

This unique cannabis product features Indica, which can only mean one thing: Get ready for ultimate sedation and couchlock. In each package of the Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bomb, you receive 17g of the product in eight per 10mg doses. 

Overall, the formula is 1:1 with 40mg of CBD and 40mg of THC. So, these marijuana edibles will get you high. 

However, since the THC content is not sky-high, you won’t have to worry about side effects such as paranoia. That said, mindful and responsible use is encouraged, even with THC gummies. 

Besides being effective in relaxing your entire body and alleviating stress, these edible weed gummies are bursting with flavour and aroma. 

Our favourite Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bomb is the Raspberry one, but the Black Cherry variety is also phenomenal. 

According to the reviews, the edible weed gummies take some time to kick in, but when they start working, you are in for a ride! 

Get the Twisted Extracts – Blue Raspberry ZZZ Bomb 1:1 at a better-equipped weed dispensary like MMJ Express. Like some value buds, you’ll get them for the cheapest price at only $12.00.

4. Twisted Extracts – Fruit Punch ZZZ Bombs : 80MG THC (INDICA)Fruit Punch ZZZ Bombs From Twisted Extracts. Weed Candy and THC edibles at MMJ Express online dispensary canada.

Another one of our favourite pot gummies are these Twisted Extracts – Fruit Punch ZZZ Bombs. With 80mg of THC, these Indica-based adult candies are only suitable for hardcore stoners.

Naturally, by adjusting doses, beginners can enjoy it too. 

You’ll get eight times 10mg per jelly bomb or 80mg of THC gummies per package. As mentioned before, if you need to cut down on the portions, you can always divide a piece by half.

The Twisted Extracts – Fruit Punch ZZZ Bombs will give you your daily dose of Indica, alleviating any anxiety, stress, or fatigue in your body. All in all, you will feel sedated, numb, and ready to fall asleep. 

Since this is a potent THC gummy, we recommend using it during the evening or better yet, before going to bed. 

According to consumers, these THC gummies will make you fall asleep faster and keep you asleep until the morning. If you want to feel well-rested and at ease, the Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bombs are the right choice for you.

The only downside to these edible weed gummies is that they’re insanely popular, so they can get sold out quickly. 

Stop overthinking and buy weed online in Canada today. You’ll find these edible gummies and other value buds at MMJ Express for as low as $12.00.

5. Twisted Extracts – Raspberry ZZZ Bombs : 80MG THC (INDICA)Raspberry ZZZ Bombs weed candy marijuana edibles for sale at the top online dispensary and mail order marijuana weed store.

The following THC gummy is among the most prized weed edibles out there. Enter the Twisted Extracts – Raspberry ZZZ Bombs with a whopping 80mg of THC from Indica. 

Similar to other products in the same line, the Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bombs in the Raspberry flavour have a strong and pleasant taste that will have you craving more.

In fact, you will find it hard to stop at a single dose! 

Because of how delicious these gummys are, you will have to be careful with the recommended amounts. 

In each package, you get 80mg of THC or eight times 10mg THC per piece. 

Expert stoners and people with high tolerance levels to the psychoactive compound will enjoy these potent gummys before bed or after a long day at work. 

Beginners will find these gummys beneficial too, but keep in mind not to overdo it! According to the users, you will need to be patient for the effects to kick in.

Also, since these are insanely popular, they can get sold out very quickly. 

Head to MMJ Express to find cheap weed in Canada today. These marijuana edibles are also available for just $12.00.

What are Weed Gummies?

Edible gummies are cannabis-infused food products. You can find edibles in many unique shapes and forms, from brownies to adorable bear-shaped gummies. 

These adult candies contain either one or both of the active ingredients in cannabis, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

The Effects of Marijuana Edibles

Edible gummies have many benefits including the following:

  • Anxiety relief and relaxation
  • Pain management (suitable for fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, cancer pain, arthritis, etc)
  • Muscle spasm control
  • Antiseizure effects

Moreover, consuming edible gummies can also be safer, as opposed to smoking weed. 

Namely, ingesting edibles will not have potentially damaging effects on lung function, so they tend to be safer. 

On top of that, edibles are fun to use, versatile, and convenient. 

If you are a stoner on the go looking for a quick and easy way to get in your daily dose of cannabis, you should consider investing in weed candy.

Where Can I Find the Best Weed Gummies in Canada?

Twisted Extracts offers the best weed gummies in Canada for all experience levels and taste buds. 

If you are searching for the hottest value buds, head to MMJ Express and check out our impressive collection of dry herbs, concentrates, edibles, and much more. 

Get budget buds, save money, and enjoy the ultimate high today.

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