What is Moon Rock Weed & What Are Moon Rocks?

3 buds of moon rocks. Moon rock weed for sale. Buy weed online Canada.

The Elite Cannabis Experience with Moon Rock Weed (Must-Know Facts)

Moon rock weed is known as the “champagne” or the creme de la creme of cannabis. 

Still, what is moon rock weed and how do you consume them?

If you are looking to experiment with the finest products on the cannabis market and you are ready to try out something unique that will make you feel out of space, weed moon rocks are perfect for you.

Although moon rock weed is increasing in popularity, finding the right online dispensary to buy weed online in Canada can be challenging. 

Fortunately, you can find plenty of high-quality budget buds at quality dispensaries and mail-order marijuana pot shops such as MMJ Express.

So, what is moon rock weed, how do you use it, and where can you get the best cheap weed in Canada? Keep on scrolling to find out.

What Are Moon Rocks?Large bud of moon rock weed from MMJ Express online dispensary Canada to buy weed online. mail order marijuana Canada.

If you are looking for the answer to “what is moon rock weed?”, you are in the right place. Moon rocks are marijuana “rocks” made from different cannabis products rolled into one monstrous nug. 

Although the origin of moon rock weed is fuzzy, most sources claim that the notorious West Coast rapper Kurupt concocted them with the Starbudz760 dispensary. 

With time, these products became more and more popular and Kurupt began to trademark his own version, “Kurupt Moonrock”.

As hinted, weed moon rocks are insanely potent, containing mega amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. 

Essentially, moonrocks are cannabis buds carefully dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief. Although you can use any Moon Rock weed strain to create these potent buds, traditionally, Girl Scout Cookies or GSC are the strain of choice.

Moon rocks are weeds that look like actual moon rocks from space. That said, they do not only resemble real moon rocks in appearance, but their effects will also give you an “out of this world” experience.

Nowadays, you can find quality moon rocks weed in a well-equipped weed store such as MMJ Express. For instance, if you are looking for cheap weed in Canada, you can choose to mix and match the To The Moon – Moon Rocks 3×3.5g. 

Alternatively, we also recommend the To The Moon – Moon Rocks in ten different mouth-watering flavours (including Banana, Blueberry, Green Apple, Watermelon, Sour Mango, and more) and two kinds, Sativa and Indica. 

Even though they are an excellent choice for both recreational and medical use, patient looking to treat nausea, pain, or stimulate appetite levels will enjoy individual To The Moon – Moon Rocks the most.

Now, if you are completely new to these otherworldly nugs, we suggest To The Moon – Moon Rocks 1g. The only downside to these is that they are insanely popular and some of the flavours (such as Pineapple and Peach) sell out fast. So, make sure to get your Moonrock weed today.

Perhaps you prefer flavourless cannabis products. Fortunately, you can also find moon rocks weed for sale at MMJ Express – the Sweet Bud’s – Moon Rocks 1g. 

You can opt for a flavoured variety of this product (such as Blackberry, Blueberry Blast, Lemonade, or Strawberry Banana), but the Original will provide you with the full spectrum of earthy taste without added flavour. 

These Sweet Bud’s Moon Rocks 1g are customer favourites because of their premium quality (it starts with AAAA flower infused with the highest-grade clear D9 distillate) and efficacy.

Even though these products can be on the pricier side, you can often find moon rocks weed for sale at a local weed dispensary.

How is Moon Rock Weed Made?Moon rock weed, THC oil, and Kief. Budgetbuds and cheap weed Canada from MMJ express Canadian online dispensary for weed online.

Moonrocks are weed nuggets dipped or sprayed with hash oil or concentrate. 

As mentioned, they are typically created with the Girl Scout Cookies strain, but you can also make them with another quality weed. 

For instance, a good choice for a Moon Rocks weed strain is the Mcflurry AAAA (Popcorn nugs with around 26 percent THC). 

However, be warned that you will get some of the most psychoactive moon rocks out there. 

If you want to tone down the THC content, you can also go for a lower potency strain such as Mango Kush AA (an Indica-leaning hybrid with around 16 percent of THC).

Once the nugget is thoroughly coated, it is rolled in kief (or dry sift/pollen). As a reminder, the sticky crystals covering the cannabis flower are called kief. 

Overall, kief contains an abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Is Moon Rocks Weed Potent?

When you find moon rocks weed for sale, one of the first things you will want to take into consideration is potency. 

The truth is that although most experts claim that moonrock weed is incredibly potent, in reality, the strength will vary from one batch to another. If you are on the hunt for the highest potency levels, we suggest checking in with a premium-grade pot store such as MMJ Express. 

This way, you will receive the purest and most effective moonrocks and weed available.

According to Leafly, most moonrock weed will vary, giving you approximately 50 percent THC. Since most flowers range around 20 percent THC, the accurate psychoactive percentage will vary. 

For instance, for higher potency moonrocks, weeds with insane THC levels will do the trick. On the flip side, check for less potent weed if you seek milder effects or if you are a beginner to cannabis.

How Do You Consume Moon Rocks Weed?

Man using a pipe to smoke moon rock weed from MMJ Express online dispensary Canada. moon rocks for sale.

What are moon rocks weed? It is the caviar of the cannabis community. But how do you consume them? 

In short, you can use them any way you would usually consume nugs. For example, you can try smoking moon rock weed, breaking them into a bowl, a joint, a pipe, or a vape. Virtually, your options are endless. 

On the downside, you may find keeping them lit challenging. Also, since they are very dense and greasy, you may want to consider using glassware such as a pipe or a bong.

How to Smoke Moon Rock Weed?

You are aware of your options, now what? How to smoke moon rock weed? Are there any special steps you need to take to reap the benefits of moon rocks? Here are some quick tips to help you out.

The first step to learning how to smoke moon rock weed is to choose your preferred method of smoking. As mentioned, we suggest using glassware such as pipes or bongs, because, unlike typical flowers, moon rocks are greasy and thick. 

You can also consider throwing moon rocks on top of your favourite flower. Since the greasy texture can prevent moon rocks from staying lit, pairing them with another flower is ideal. However, you need to consider the possibility of becoming “doubly high”. 

Be careful with the dosages, especially if you are new to weed.

Finally, break up a few moon rock nugs and sprinkle them on top of your bud. Finish it off with rolling a joint or a blunt and enjoy.

What are the Effects of Moonrock Weed?

Happy female on her sofa with headphones on after buying weed online from the best online dispensary to order weed online.

You just learned how to smoke moon rock weed, but why do it in the first place? What are the benefits of using moonrocks and weed? Here is a quick run-down of what to expect from these potent nugs.

First of all, moon rocks are highly enjoyable. They will create a full, aromatic smoke cloud and one of the most luxurious experiences of your life. The taste of kief is pleasant, especially if you purchase a premium-grade product.

You will likely experience an intense high and feelings of:

  • Relaxation
  • Increased sociability
  • Boosted appetite levels
  • Euphoria
  • Pain relief
  • Disorientation

Furthermore, all of your senses will be heightened. According to passionate moonrock weed users, the effects are intense, yet slow-burning. Typically, you can experience the first effects around 30 minutes post-consumption, however, the time will vary.

Pros and Cons of Moon Rocks WeedMoon rock weed and kief falling out of a glass jar. Buy weed online Canada. Mail order marijuana online dispensary Canada.

Any moon rocks weed strain will provide you with an unforgettable high. Even though moon rocks can be expensive, a little goes a long way, so they will last you a long time. 

The moon rock weed price ranges anywhere from $30 and more (depending on the amount and quality).

These potent nugs are also perfect for medical patients or people looking for high THC doses.

Sadly, due to their insane THC potency, moon rocks are not the best option for newcomers and people sensitive to the psychoactive compound. Always be mindful when consuming cannabis, no matter the potency. 

For some people, the moon rock weed price can be another disadvantage. However, as mentioned, you only need to use a tiny amount to reap the effects.

Where to Buy Moon Rocks and Weed?

You can find excellent quality moonrocks and weed at better-equipped online dispensaries and mail-marijuana shops in Canada.

If you are still wondering “where to buy moon rocks and weed?”, we have got you covered. 

At MMJ Express, the best dispensary in Canada, you will find superior moon rock weed, as well as dry flowers, vapes, CBD products, and more. Quality and cheap weed in Canada exists. Shop today.

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