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Top Picks For Potent Budget Bud Weed Online in Canada

Budget bud in a glass jar from MMJ Express online dispensary. Buy weed online and get weed delivery Canada.

Top 10 Best Budget Buds in Canada This Month

If you are looking for the best budget buds in Canada, this article is all you need. We’ve compiled the hottest budget buds on the cannabis market to bring you the finest and most affordable weed you can get. 

Not only will you find the best budget buds for 2022, but you will also learn more about different strains, why they are beneficial, who they are suitable for, and where you can get them. 

With that in mind, you will find all of these budget buds in Canada at MMJ Express, the number one online dispensary in the country. 

Besides budget buds, this reputable dispensary also offers concentrates, CBD oils, mushrooms, pet products, and more. Buy budget buds in Canada, but remember to stay safe. 

Always choose a tried and tested pot store with credibility and positive customer reviews.

If you don’t select your weed store carefully, you may experience a lousy high, and even worse, potentially harmful side effects.

Here is the ultimate top ten list of the best budget buds for 2022. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Budget Buds for 2022Rolling a joint with high-quality budget bud from an online dispensary Canada. Buy weeds online. Bymyweedonline. Mail order marijuana Canada weed

It’s finally here, the budget buds every stoner needs to have in their arsenal. Below, you’ll find something for every preference and taste bud.

We’ve featured Indica, Sativa, and hybrid dry herbs, as well as edibles, concentrates, and more. 

If you are trying to save money and you want weed on a budget, get ready to find your ideal product. Are you ready to order cheap weed in Canada? 

All of the mentioned budget buds are available at MMJ Express, a weed dispensary with tons of positive testimonials from satisfied customers.

Check out this discount dispensary and get the best budget buds without breaking the bank.

1. Death Master AAAA+Death Master budget bud for sale online in Canada from online weed dispensary MMJ Express. Mail order marijauna dispensary weed. cannabis canada weed shop.

With Death Master AAAA+, a death-like sedative experience is almost always expected. This pure Indica strain is notorious for its lulling abilities that will put any insomniac to sleep. 

With THC levels hovering around 27 percent, this cannabis strain is suitable for a variety of conditions such as inflammation, pain, and anxiety. 

Truth be told, both medical and recreational users rave about this cheap bud. If you are not dealing with a serious medical condition, you can also benefit from this top-tier cheap canna. 

The quick-hitting high will transport you into the realm of relaxation almost instantly, so smoking it after a long day at work is recommended. 

Taste some of the most delicious sweet and woody flavours for only $120 on a discount.

2. Donkey Butter AAAA+Donkey Butter budget buds from mail order marijuana weed shop and online cannabis store for Alberta cannabis.

Although this Indica-leaning hybrid’s name is one of the silliest you’ll ever hear, the effects of this strain shouldn’t be taken lightly.

With THC levels around 27 percent, this top-grade weed will make you feel a full body high and a euphoric aroused sensation almost instantly. 

The strength of this budget bud is ideal for medical patients dealing with chronic pain, insomnia, stress, headaches, migraines, and insomnia. 

Thanks to its Indica abilities, all of the stress and tension will disappear, leaving you with only positive and relaxing thoughts.

The flavour and aroma profile of diesel, spicy, earthy, and pine make this cheap cannabis absolutely irresistible. 

Enjoy budget buds like Donkey Butter AAAA+ at MMJ Express for $120 on sale.

3. Layer Cake AAAA+Layer Cake value buds and cheap weed from online dispensary and weed delivery Canada pot shop weed store.

Celebrate every day like it’s your birthday with the highest-grade weed at MMJ Express, Layer Cake AAAA+

This is an almost balanced hybrid leaning on the Indica side (60 percent Indica).

The THC levels are insanely high at 27 percent, so you can confidently use it for relieving anxiety, craps, stress, depression, and other mood disorders. 

Avid stoners on a budget enjoy this budget bud due to its strong body high coupled with energizing effects (the Sativa side does its job perfectly!). 

The aromas of earthy, skunky, woody, and slightly spicy make this strain unique and hard to put down. 

Get it at our discount dispensary for $120.

4. Black Tuna AA (Popcorn Nugs)

Speaking of evenly balanced hybrids, if you are a budget buyer looking to experience both Indica and Sativa, give Black Tuna AA a try. This is a moderately powerful strain with THC levels of around 17 percent. 

Since the amount of the psychoactive compound is not too much, beginners can safely enjoy it without worrying about side effects. 

Of course, always make sure to start slowly and take minimal doses. 

Although the THC percentage isn’t as high as other strains on this list, the Black Tuna AA performs outstandingly well in boosting your energy levels and creativity.

The euphoric high is long-lasting and steady, so you’ll feel relaxed for hours. 

Stoners looking for budget buds to treat depression symptoms and tinnitus need to give it a go.

5. Lemon Haze AA

Cheap buds in Canada are hard to find, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

One of the most affordable options for broke stoners is Lemon Haze AA, a delectable Sativa dominant hybrid that is just as effective (if not more) as some of the highest-grade buds out there. 

You can expect THC levels of around 18 percent, which makes it a suitable choice for beginners and people with sensitivities to the psychoactive compound. 

One of the perks of cheap canna like Lemon Haze is that you can typically take higher doses without the risk of side effects like paranoia or cotton mouth. 

So, what effects can you expect? Your creativity and productivity will be boosted, your appetite will increase, and your mood swings disappeared. 

Get this yummy earthy canna for a meagre $50 on sale.

6. White Runtz AA

Another one of the best budget buds on the market is the White Runtz AA, an evenly balanced hybrid with moderate THC levels of around 18 percent. 

The uplifting effects are what make this strain extra special. According to users, White Runtz AA is famous for its ultra-long-lasting high that can take for hours. 

Consume this bud and leave all of your worries at the door. The high begins almost immediately with a tingly feeling in your spine that travels to the back of your neck. 

Quickly, you’ll feel this sensation all over your body. Due to its moderate THC content, this is the ideal strain for recreational users wanting to “chill out” at any time during the day or medical patients dealing with cramps and mild anxiety. 

Get budget buds like White Runtz AA today for $50.

7. Budder THC Concentrate – Sensi Star

If you want to buy cheap weed but you are looking for citrusy products with the highest potency, we have got you covered. 

Check out the Budder Sensi Star and find out why it’s one of the best-selling products at MMJ Express. 

To recap, budder is a powerful cannabis concentrate that resembles regular butter.

This Indica dominant hybrid provides around 20 percent of THC for treating anxiety, ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, hyperactivity, and PTSD. 

In fact, it’s also phenomenal if you are just looking to experience a strong euphoric high any day of the week. 

Enjoy this budder before bed to reap the maximum benefits. Buy cheap weed like the Budder Sensi Star for as low as $10. Remember, this product is most suitable for expert stoners. 

8. Caviar Concentrate – Superglue OG

At MMJ Express, every Canadian stoner’s favourite discount dispensary, you’ll have the rare chance to try the finest cannabis products such as the Caviar Superglue OG

The name of this cheap canna foreshadows the rest. If it’s not obvious enough, the Superglue OG is an Indica-leaning hybrid that will act like superglue and “glue you to your couch” almost instantly. 

This is a unique full-spectrum cannabis extract that provides 23 percent of THC for a lengthy immobilizing effect.

Medical patients enjoy it for chronic pain relief, treating depression, and alleviating symptoms of stress. 

Although the flavour of chemicals might not sound appealing, the refreshing tone of pine and citrus takes charge.

9. Live Resin – White Cherry Truffle

The Live Resin White Cherry Truffle tastes better than your favourite dessert. 

Taste it today and thank us later. The effects hit quick and hard, so you might not even have time to write a review! 

This potent concentrate is abundant with terpenes, so the effects are outstanding. 

Since its an Indica hybrid with THC levels between 15 to 25 percent, stoners can expect a captivating head high that spreads to all of your limbs, one by one. 

Eventually, White Cherry Truffle will settle you into a deep state of relaxation and sedation – more than likely you’ll fall asleep. 

If you want to feel well rested and “Zen”, you need this deliciously sweet live resin in your life.

10. So High Extracts Premium Shatter Concentrate– Girl Scout Cookies

Here’s the best suggestion for all of the vapers out there: Consider the So High Extracts Premium Shatter Girl Scout Cookies, an oldie but goodie with mind-blowing cerebral and creativity-boosting effects. 

It’s an Indica hybrid with typical soothing effects that will knock you out right away.

This delectable sugary sweet strain can climb up to sky-high THC levels, so it is one of the most powerful buds available to patients dealing with serious medical conditions. 

Of course, a heavy couch lock is also likely to happen. What do the reviewers say about it? In short, everyone says it is amazing. 

The only downside is that it is so appetizing and addicting that you’ll run out of it fast. Grab it today for as low as $10.

Buy weed online in Canada and enjoy the best budget buds without spending a fortune. Head to MMJ Express and place your first order today.

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