There’s something refreshingly nostalgic and familiar about dessert cakes from childhood. And, to be perfectly honest, novelty snack cakes and marijuana have always gone together remarkably well. Now you can have them both in a single product: one of MMJ Express’s cannabis-infused pastries. Our lineup of unique dessert treats recalls the irresistible snack cakes you loved as a child—with one fairly noticeable difference.

MMJ Express Edibles’ pastries are all prepared by local vendors with real experience and pride in what they do. All of them use quality, organic ingredients, like chocolate, fruit and dairy foods. Our snack cakes bring all the pleasant effects of cannabis compounds together with the singularly satisfying taste sensations of velvety cake and creme filling.

Like more traditional baked edibles like brownies and cookies, cannabis pastries and snack cakes work after they’ve been metabolized by the body’s digestive system, which means they can take between 30 minutes to three hours to produce a noticeable effect. Similarly, one may feel the psychoactive effects of marijuana snack cakes a bit longer than other, more immediate substances—occasionally between four to six hours, depending on the user’s metabolism.

Both snack pastries and baked edibles exploit the high fat solubility of THC, CBD, and other cannabis compounds. Since cooking oils and butter are primarily made of fatty ingredients, they tend to absorb cannabis properties more completely. Our local providers of pastries and snack cakes use all-natural cannabis-infused oils and butter, just as they would with more traditional baked goods, and use organic, high-quality ingredients in everything they make.

Each individual snack unit MMJ Express Edibles features contains anywhere from 75mg to 200mg of active ingredients, so it’s important to monitor your cannabis intake to know exactly how much you’re taking in with each snack. Those who are new to the experience of taking THC edibles may want to restrict their initial dosage to be on the safe side—get to know how much you can handle on a gradual basis. You can always increase the amount you take as you go.

We make getting purchasing cannabis pastries and snack cakes as easy as any other site where you can buy marijuana edibles online. Take a look at MMJ Express Edibles’ premium selection of snack cakes on our pastry page, then simply select the kind and quantities you want. After you place your order with our secure and private process, we ship your product discreetly to anywhere in Canada.

It’s never been more convenient to get the pleasant side effects of cannabis together with the sentimental pleasures of internationally loved snack cakes. MMJ Express Edibles can deliver the complete experience straight to your doorstep.