The medicinal and therapeutic benefits of tea have been known to various cultures for hundreds of generations. Likewise, there’s something calming about the soothing effects of a hot cup of cocoa. Marijuana-infused tea and cocoa mixes take the restorative, tranquilizing powers of those beverages to a whole new level. MMJ Express has a variety of cannabis tea and cocoa mixes that combine the great comforts of traditional tea and cocoa with the benefits of cannabis compounds.

Using cannabis in a mixture with hot water and tea is something of a no-brainer—after all, both substances come directly from leaves. Marijuana tea is, in fact, a very traditional substance with a long history of its own. Hundreds of years ago, humans who lived in what’s now the country of India used cannabis-infused tea for both medicinal and festive practice. In Jamaica, cannabis tea was often used to soothe signs of distress and discomfort among pregnant women, including morning sickness and upset stomachs.

The effect of marijuana tea and cocoa occurs in a similar way as other marijuana edibles and tends to last for a similar amount of time. Since it’s absorbed through the digestive tract, the original effect can take place a little later, as soon as thirty minutes to an hour and a half, than through smoking. Because cannabis tea and cocoa also work after they’ve been fully metabolized, the highs can last a little longer as well. Like chocolate edibles, the natural compounds of cocoa beans blend extremely well with those found in cannabis.

Cannabis teas and cocoas offer a powerful alternative to smoking or vaping, which is beneficial to those with respiratory issues or those who just don’t like the smoking experience. Each packet of tea contains a specific amount of active marijuana ingredients from 120mg to 150mg, so keeping track of how much you’re ingesting is easy.

We offer a variety of refreshing marijuana-infused tea blends to suit whatever your tastes are, with natural ingredients such as mint, caramel, jasmine, and citrus flavor. We also sell a blend specially developed for fans of iced tea. Our premium cocoa blends can be made with milk or other dairy products that combine well with the active ingredients in marijuana.

MMJ Express Edibles’ tea and cocoa blends are concocted by local businesses with years of quality beverage experience. It’s as easy to buy edibles online through our site as picking up items from the store. After you place your order with our secure online process, we ship your product discreetly to anywhere in Canada.

The marriage of hot beverages and cannabis is uncommonly natural. MMJ Express Edibles’ selection of premium tea blends and cocoa mixes bring together the warm comforts of both.