There aren’t many things in life that chocolate can’t make better. When it’s cannabis-infused chocolate, there’s no telling how quickly the situation will improve. MMJ Express carries a strong lineup of chocolate bars and candies suitable for every taste and preference, for users who need alternatives to smoking or are just searching for a new cannabis experience.

Cannabis-infused chocolates contain some little-known benefits. The combination of chocolate and marijuana compounds can result in unique health effects, even among other marijuana edibles. Chocolate is a natural antioxidant and combines well with the positive and psychoactive effects of cannabis compounds. Scientists have even found that certain elements of chocolate are almost chemically identical to THC, which means the two get along surprisingly well.

Research has shown that the chemical properties of chocolate combine well with the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant and can result in a more enhanced experience than other cannabis consumables. For those who appreciate the effects of cannabis but aren’t crazy about how it tastes, chocolate has also been shown to be fairly effective at disguising or masking the flavor of marijuana. It’s also a top alternative to those who avoid smoking because of respiratory issues.

Servings of marijuana chocolate are also surprisingly strong. An individual piece of chocolate usually comes in standard dosage amounts of 5mg to 10mg. That means a typical cannabis chocolate bar can contain anywhere from 50mg to 300mg of effective ingredients, so the buyer should use caution when consuming and make certain how much they’re getting. As with other marijuana edibles, it’s suggested that new or novice users start with dosages as low as 2.5mg or 5mg and make gradual adjustments to suit their preferred effects from that point forward.

MMJ Express sells a lineup of cannabis chocolates that rivals the selection of anywhere else you can buy marijuana edibles online. Many of our candy bars emulate the taste and texture of your favorites, with much-loved ingredients like vanilla, coffee, caramel, nougat, peanut butter, and nuts. We also feature gourmet varieties for more sophisticated palettes, including white, dark, espresso and mint chocolate. All of our brands are made by local cannabis chocolatiers with years of experience cooking with top-quality ingredients.

Lots of things go better with chocolate, and thankfully the pleasing effect of cannabis is one of them. When you want to experience cannabis the same way you’ve enjoyed delicious chocolate comfort foods in the past, MMJ Express Edibles can deliver the goods straight to your doorstep. To get one of our many varieties of marijuana-infused chocolate bars or candies, use our secure and simple ordering form, and we’ll send your product discreetly to any address in Canada.