Syrup is one of the most effective, simplest and direct flavor vehicles in the food world. Its simplicity makes it perfect for fans of edible cannabis items, or for anybody who seeks a way to get the powerful effects of cannabis in a quick and smokeless way.

MMJ Express offers a variety of potent, safe and appetizing cannabis syrups, for use with everything from ice cream and pancakes to drinks.

Cannabis syrup usually acts quickly because of its relatively direct liquid intake method. A typical dose of cannabis syrup can take between 20 and 30 minutes to take effect. Syrup is also one of the more versatile forms of marijuana edibles available: In addition to adding it to food or mixing it with drinks, you can also take a carefully measured dose of syrup straight. For those seeking a responsible way to incorporate the effects of THC, CBD and other compounds in their routines, cannabis syrup may be the most convenient and effective solution.

THC syrup is also simple to produce, usually involving a blend of water and sugar that’s infused with cannabis-infused substances like wax, oil or tincture. The flavor doesn’t just taste good: If you enjoy the effects of marijuana but don’t always like the taste, a well-made syrup can mask the flavor and aroma of traditional cannabis. It’s also a quick and effective solution for those who need or want to avoid smoking products for respiratory reasons.

Syrups contain a variable amount of active ingredients, so it’s important to know exactly how much each serving contains and monitor your use as appropriate. As with other marijuana edibles, a typical single serving contains 5mg to 10mg of active THC compounds. New users just getting started with syrups are advised to take initial doses of 5mg or even less and modify how much they take to suit their experience from that point forward.

MMJ Express sells all-natural cannabis syrups, made by local companies using the highest quality ingredients. We feature chocolate and strawberry syrups to dress up your desserts, simple syrups to mix into water or other beverages, and even THC-infused honey to put on bread or biscuits. If you prefer to skip the middleman and take your syrup directly from the spoon, that’s entirely up to you.

Our ordering process is easy and secure. Take a look at our inventory of cannabis syrups and honey, choose the kind and quantity you want, and we’ll ship your order to any destination in Canada. Your order is always delivered discreetly and safely. When you’re looking for the most direct, trouble-free way to experience the calming effects of cannabis compounds, MMJ Express Edibles has the syrup you’re looking for.