In the domain of cannabis edibles, marijuana-infused candy is one of the fastest-growing categories over the last few decades. Gummies, lollipops, lozenges, mints, gum and other sugary candies are rising in popularity thanks to their convenience, strength, and the sheer variety of candy types available. With the progressive spread of legalization and the growth of legal marijuana edible production, the variety of cannabis candies is only limited by the imagination.

Candies are the most discreet method of cannabis consumption. They’re easy to carry around and travel with, and obviously don’t require a lot of preparation on the part of the user. Candies are also a big favorite among those who use marijuana for medical reasons because of their convenience, and the possibility of their providing quick relief for many digestive problems and pain.

Maintaining specifically measured dosages of THC and CBD are much easier with cannabis-infused candies. A typical gummy contains the agreed-upon “single serving” of 5 to 10mg of cannabinoids, which also means it’s important to monitor how many pieces you consume.

The active ingredients in cannabis candies—particularly lollipops, suckers, and lozenges—can work faster than other means of delivery because they’re orally absorbed into the body by saliva. There’s no need to wait for the digestion system to break them down and work them into the bloodstream. For that reason, one can start feeling the effects of cannabis compounds from hard candy a little sooner but can also feel the high decline more quickly as well.

As with any cannabis edibles, new users are advised to take the consumption marijuana candies easy to start with. Go with candies that contain between 2.5mg and 5mg of active ingredients, especially with lozenges, lollipops and other candies that tend to take effect more quickly. From that point forward you’ll be able to figure out what dosage, effect time and delivery system work best for you.

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