There’s a good chance that when people think about “cannabis edibles,” the first image to pop into their head is a brownie. It’s the classic edible delivery method, widely known even among those who don’t use cannabis. But like the rest of the legal marijuana industry, the baked cannabis edible has diversified. The category covers just about any flour-based food from the oven, including cookies, cupcakes and, of course, brownies.

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Baked edibles take advantage of the fact that THC and other cannabis compounds are fat-soluble, or taken in by fatty properties. Those include cooking oil and butter, at least one of which is always used to make baked items. Cannabis baked edibles, therefore, use oil or butter that’s been infused with THC before the baking process.

The effect of baked marijuana edibles depends on a couple of factors, including of course the amount of THC used in the recipe. Since all food must be broken down and absorbed in the digestive system before any of its effects happens, your body’s relative size and metabolism rate have a direct influence on when the impact occurs.

After eating a cannabis-infused baked edible, one generally starts experiencing the high between 30 and 180 minutes of consumption. Because the cannabis compounds go through the digestive tract and get metabolized into the bloodstream, the effects from baked edibles usually last longer than through smoking or other oral intake—usually between four to six hours.

A “single serving” of cannabis in edible format is around 10mg, but those trying baked edibles for the first time might want to start with 5mg because of the delayed impact and how long it typically lasts. Once you’ve had a couple of experiences, you can adjust your personal serving size to what works best for you.

MMJ Express Edibles’ selection of baked goods includes just about any kind of food you’d expect to see at a fine bakery: cookies, cupcakes, rice cereal squares, bars, tarts, bear claws, pretzels, and the always dependable brownie. Each item is made fresh from local, independent vendors who stand proudly behind the products they make, using organic ingredients. After you place your order with our secure process, we ship your product discreetly to anywhere in Canada.

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