Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of dozens of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.  It can be extracted from the plant in a variety of ways so consumers can buy cannabis concentrates online that feature pure CBD.  CBD can be extracted from marijuana plants, or derived from hemp plants with high CBD content and almost no THC (0.3% or less).

CBD comes in many forms, but isolate is the purest and most potent, typically offering more than 90% CBD composition.  Unlike some other concentrates online, CBD isolate does not need to be heated to consume – it can be placed under the tongue to dissolve it (i.e. consumed sublingually).  If you prefer pre-portioned dosing, CBD capsules are easy to ingest.

CBD is different from other concentrates because it is a single cannabinoid extracted from cannabis plants, whereas most concentrates feature hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes that interact to deliver the full benefit of the cannabis plant.  CBD can come from high-THC (marijuana) or low-THC (hemp) plants, depending on whether consumers prefer the psychoactive effects of THC when they choose cannabis concentrates online, or they simply want the relief offered by CBD.

With MMJ Express, you can buy marijuana concentrates online that suit your specific needs, including CBD products.  Experienced consumers will appreciate the speedy effects of our 99% CBD Isolate, as well as the option to customize dosing, while those new to CBD may prefer the ease of use and pre-portioned dosing of SleeBD capsules.

CBD has been found to offer all kinds of symptom relief, and when you buy concentrates online, you’ll find they’re incredibly easy to consume.  If you’re not quite ready for smoking or dabbing, there are few easier ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

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