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Ice Cream Cake: The Potent Indica Everyone’s Talking About

Here’s What You Should Know Before Smoking Ice Cream Cake

Here’s the comprehensive Ice Cream Cake weed review you will ever need.

Two things are big in Canada and have been for a long time; coffee and cannabis. (Oh, we shouldn’t forget hockey!) 

Cannabis and coffee go together splendidly, especially when trying to stave off the Canadian winter cold. A fat, potent joint is the ultimate companion on a chilly Sunday afternoon spent watching old sitcoms. 

Now that it is legal to buy weed in Canada, you can buy any of the strains available in the market today. One of these is the Ice Cream Cake strain, the strong and tasty flower that has taken the marijuana world by storm. 

If you’ve never smoked this bad boy before, you’re probably wondering why it’s so popular. Like many other indica weed strains, Ice Cream Cake will knock your socks off. 

There are many different marijuana strains available today, and breeders keep coming up with new ones ever so often.

If you’re looking to purchase weed online, having this many options may leave you confused and spoilt for choice. 

Don’t worry- that’s why we wrote this article.

This strain review will tell you all you need to know about the Ice Cream Cake weed strain before trying it. What are its effects, medicinal benefits, and side effects? Where can you buy this weed in Canada? Let’s take it one step at a time. 

What Is Ice Cream Cake Weed?Ice Cream Cake weed cannabis plant. best pot store to buy weed online, thc distillate, and weed candy online in Canada.

Ice Cream Cake weed is a popular strain loved by beginner and experienced smokers. This marijuana strain was developed by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33.

These two strains are potent in their own right and have both won awards for their powerhouse genetics and effects. 

It’s, therefore, no surprise that Ice Cream Cake weed is as strong as it is. This strain receives the best of both worlds from its parents, making it the ideal everyday strain. 

It has a pleasant flavor and taste and a unique blend of euphoria, calmness, happiness, and relaxation. If you don’t remember the last time you melted into your couch, this is the strain for you. 

How Does Ice Cream Cake Weed Taste? Two guys sharing a joint at home. Ice Cream Cake weed online Canada from online dispensary for BC cannabis MMJ Express. Buy online weeds.

Ice Cream Cake weed strain has a very complex and unique aroma profile. As soon as you open the container this strain is packed in, you’re hit by strong notes of sweet, sugary vanilla, with hints of lavender and nuts. Don’t expect to smoke this flower discreetly!

The Ice Cream Cake weed strain will delight your taste buds. It has a rich profile of terpenes that blend into an exquisite flavor. 

This strain has a sweet, creamy vanilla taste, with strong nut and dough overtones. It tastes almost like a… well, ice cream cake. This strain erupts into thick smoke with cheesy, slightly pungent earth undertones when burnt. 

These are some of the most dominant terpenes in the Ice Cream cake weed strain: 

  • Limonene 
  • Myrcene
  • Valencene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Geraniol
  • Camphene
  • Carene
  • Phellandrene

How Does Ice Cream Cake Strain Make You Feel? Relaxed woman stretching. canada weed. canabis. buy weed. weed canada. weed shop. pot store. weed store.

Ice Cream Cake weed is an incredibly potent marijuana strain. This classy, sweet bud contains up to 23% THC, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced connoisseurs. 

Unlike other strains that have more than 30% THC concentration, Ice Cream Cake will result in a high that feels comfortable, not overwhelming. 

Ice Cream Cake weed is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Smoking this weed strain brings on a peaceful, tranquil high that starts in your head and washes over your entire body, leaving you relaxed and sleepy. 

This makes it ideal for evening use and the perfect strain to smoke before bed. Ice Cream Cake weed is the strain for you if you’re looking for weed that will make it easier for you to fall and stay asleep. 

Many users have reported feeling happy and mildly euphoric after smoking this strain. For this reason, Ice Cream Cake weed is commonly used to combat stress and anxiety. 

If you’ve just got home after a long day at work or a long, tedious hike, all you need is a few Ice Cream Cake puffs. 

What Are the Side Effects of Smoking Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain? Man exhaling cannabis smoke. dispensary. buy online weeds. budgetbuds. BC cannabis and hash online.

We are creatures of habit; therefore, most people enjoy having one or two favourite weed strains they smoke daily. 

If you’re wondering whether Ice Cream Cake can be an everyday smoke, it makes sense to be concerned about any side effects it may have. 

Like other marijuana strains, Ice Cream Cake isn’t invasive and doesn’t cause any severe side effects.

That said, smoking too much of this strain may make you anxious and paranoid, especially if you already suffer from anxiety and paranoia. 

If you’re predisposed to panic attacks, it’s possible that smoking too much of this strain will offset one. It’s, therefore, crucial to make sure you dose yourself correctly or stay away from this strain altogether if weed worsens your anxiety. 

Smoking marijuana has also been proven to cause dry eyes and dry mouth. Some people have experienced this after smoking Ice Cream Cake weed strain. 

This happens when the hot smoke you inhale leaves your mouth, eyes, and throat dehydrated. To prevent this, you should have some drinking water or fresh juice nearby when lighting up. 

You could also suck on some candy or eat a few slices of mango, watermelon, pineapple, pawpaw, and other succulent fruits. 

Ice Cream Cake weed is known to make people extremely hungry after smoking it. Ensure you have some healthy food or snacks handy when getting stoned. 

What Are the Medicinal Benefits of Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain?

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada and other countries worldwide, it has become a standard medicine. 

People of all ages, from all walks of life, are using cannabis to mitigate the symptoms of numerous health conditions. Ice Cream Cake weed is one strain that lends itself perfectly to medicinal use. 

This strain has various effects, implying great potential for therapeutic use. For example, it makes people feel sedated and sleepy, making it perfect for use by people who have insomnia. 

Ice Cream Cake weed strain also makes one feel quite hungry, the perfect solution for people with appetite loss. 

Due to its euphoric, calm, and relaxing high, Ice Cream Cake weed leaves you feeling happy, peaceful, and content. This makes it suitable for combating stress, burnout, lethargy, and anxiety. The list of benefits this strain offers is endless! 

Where Can I Get Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain in Canada?

If you live in Canada, you can easily order weed online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. 

We’re an online weed store that delivers marijuana and marijuana-related products all over Canada. We believe everyone deserves affordable and convenient access to good weed, and we’re dedicated to bridging that gap.

We sell high-quality weed strains and cannabis products: all tested to ensure consistency in quality. We have many cannabis strains on our menu, from sativas to indicas to hybrids. 

We also have CBD flowers and products such as edibles, oils, concentrates, and more. So, whether you need Ice Cream Cake, Blackberry Kush, or some shatter, look no further. 

Buy Ice Cream Cake Weed From MMJ Express

MMJ Express is a mail-order marijuana dispensary based in Canada. We deliver marijuana to Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and other areas around Canada. (We don’t ship products outside the country.) 

We work with the Canadian Postal system to ensure all your orders are delivered in good time and in unassuming, discreet packaging. 

Whether you want to buy a few pre-rolls or an entire month’s worth of Ice Cream Cake weed, we’ve got you covered. Here is a quick guide to ordering products from our weed store. 

  • Choose your desired product(s) and add them to your cart.
  • Click on checkout to be redirected to the ‘View Cart’ page.
  • Input any coupon codes you might have
  • Fill in your billing info, then press Checkout
  • You receive your order number and instructions on how to pay using Interac E-transfer. The order is processed after the payment is received.
  • The order will be processed and shipped out on the following business day. (Note: orders placed before 1 pm PST will ship out on the same day, while those made past 1 pm will be shipped out on the following day)
  • You will receive an email with a tracking number to help keep track of your package as it is in transit. 

Bottom Line

Ice Cream Cake weed strain is a delightful indica-dominant hybrid strain that will knock your socks off. 

It has award-winning genetics and is the daughter strain of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. This unique and iconic pairing gives Ice Cream Cake a sweet, pleasant vanilla taste, creamy overtones, and a strong, balanced high. 

Ice Cream Cake Weed is the way to go if you need something to boost your appetite, help you get to sleep, or simply enhance your Saturday afternoons. Well, what are you waiting for? Make your order today! 

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