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CBD Oil for Cats

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CBD oil is a popular choice for many feline owners. In fact, it’s even being used as a treatment for other diseases in cats. But before you start using CBD oil for your cat, be sure to know what products are safe for them and how to best care for them. 

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is derived from cannabis plants. CBD is one of the most prominent compounds of cannabis among over 100 different compounds, called cannabinoids. While THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, meaning it is responsible for “the high” that you experience after smoking or consuming cannabis, CBD is a non-psychoactive component. CBD does not have the same effect on your body as THC does, so you should consider using it if you’re looking for a non-intoxicating way to treat symptoms of illness.

CBD oil can be used for cats with cancer to help reduce pain and inflammation.

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Is CBD oil safe for cats with other diseases?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana. It’s usually extracted from the cannabis plant and is believed to have many health benefits.  Anecdotally, some experts claim that CBD can be effective for treating epilepsy and reducing anxiety in cats. Cats are very sensitive to the chemicals in cannabis, so it’s important to take care of them when they’re taking CBD oil.

How to give CBD oil to cats with cancer?

There are many ways to give CBD oil to your pet. Some people find giving the oil in pill form easy enough, while others prefer using sublingual drops or tinctures in their food. Regardless of the method you use, it’s important to know what side effects your pet may experience when you give your cat CBD oil.

It’s best not to give your cat CBD oil if it’s been a few days since they last ate any raw meat because this will lead them to have diarrhea. This could be caused by the bacteria that is present in food and should be avoided. You can try giving them a small amount of high-quality non-veg chicken breast before giving them CBD oil. However, if they don’t show any signs of improvement after 3 days, then you should probably consider changing their diet back to a raw diet unless there is some evidence that it’s helping them recover.


CBD oil has been shown to be helpful for many different diseases in humans. For cats, CBD oil has also been shown to be effective for treating cancer. CBD oil can be administered orally, or it can be applied topically by rubbing on their ears or paws. If you decide to use cannabis-based products on your cat, make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle carefully. If you are uncertain about whether a product is safe for your pet, please consult a veterinarian prior to treating your pets with CBD before you give it to your cat. You should always purchase reputable CBD cat products that have been proven to be effective and they have to meet certain quality standards too. At, we offer only high-quality pet health products.

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