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3 Potent Sour Key THC Edibles To Buy Online in Canada

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The Hardest-Hitting 3 Sour Key Edibles From an Online Dispensary in Canada

If you’ve never had Sour Key edibles before, you’re missing out. Here’s why you should try out sour key edibles today — they’re some of the best THC edibles you’ll ever have. 

Whether you are a beginner to edibles or a seasoned stoner, you need to check out these three Sour Key edibles. 

In this article, you’ll find the top three best sour key edibles, as well as a handy guide on how to use edibles for the first time.

If you are not a beginner, this mini guide may also benefit you to boost your cannabis experience and get an even better high.

You’ll find all of these sour key edibles at MMJ Express, the best place to buy weed online in Canada. If you’re intrigued, don’t wait. Head to our online dispensary and make your first purchase today. 

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That said, here are the best sour key edibles for 2022 you need to check out.

The Best Sour Key Edibles for 2022Sour Key edibles for sale online from MMJ Express online dispensary Canada for mail order marijuana. Buy weeds online. cheapweed, budget buds, and gummys.

Finding good quality and tasty THC edibles can be challenging. The search is over. Below, you’ll find the best sour key edibles with THC that rank high in potency, efficacy, taste, and value. 

These edible Sour Keys are every Canadian stoner’s favourite treat, whether in the morning to boost energy, during the day, or as a nighttime snack. 

You’ll find them at a well-equipped weed store such as MMJ Express. 

Buy weed online in Canada and uncover why these sour key edibles are the next big thing. 

1. Sour Keys Gummies by Exquisite 250MG THCSour Keys Gummies by Exquisite at 250MG THC gummies from online dispensary Canada for mail order marijuana, dispensary weed, and gummys.

These Sour Key edibles are suitable for stoners with a taste for the finest things in life. The Exquisite Gummies Sour Keys 250mg THC provides you with a burst of refreshing and tropical flavours, including Watermelon, Grape, Cherry, Peach, and Cola. 

They’re the perfect treat when you want to ease anxiety, stress, and the worry of everyday life. 

These THC edibles contain 50mg of the psychoactive compound per gummy (you get five per pack), so they are the perfect medicine for stoners on the go. 

If you are still learning how to roll a joint or you don’t have time to set up your dab rig, these gummies will do the trick. Like other similar products, allow the edible Sour Keys 60 to 90 minutes to take effect. 

Refrain from taking added doses and always check in with how you are feeling. Edibles take time to kick in, but the effects are long-lasting.

Get edible THC at MMJ Express, the best weed dispensary in Canada for a mere $18.

2. Doobie Snacks Sour Keys Gummys 200MG THCDoobie Snacks cannabis infused Sour Keys gummys from an online dispensary in Canada. BC Cannabis weed store for mail order marijuana. Cannabis Canada.

Sour Key edibles are irresistible and you’ll find it hard to stop at only one — this is especially true when it comes to the Doobie Snacks Sour Keys 200mg THC

The addictive fruity flavours and slightly sour punch of citrus will have you craving one after the other. However, remember that these edibles with THC are super potent!

That means you’ll need to adhere to the dosage instructions provided. 

You’ll get 50mg of THC in these edibles (per candy), and four pieces per pack. In total, that adds up to a whopping 200mg of THC per package. 

According to consumers, these marijuana edibles are suitable for reducing pain, aiding in sleep, nausea relief, and appetite stimulation. 

If you are dealing with medical conditions that cause inflammation and pain, these THC sour keys are a fantastic way to alleviate symptoms.

Of course, consult with a medical professional for guidance and dosage recommendations. 

Find these long-lasting edible Sour Keys at MMJ Express, a tried and tested weed dispensary in Canada. For only $14, they’re a bargain.

3. Laughing Monkey Sour Keys Edibles 150mg THC

Ward off all signs of anxiety, stress, and negative thinking. Welcome positive thoughts and feel at ease with the Laughing Monkey Sour Keys 150mg THC.

These sour key edibles will make you feel giggly, happy, and “zen”. 

In each package, you get 150mg of top-quality THC or 25mg per piece. You’ll enjoy these edibles if you need a “kick” in the morning hours to get ready for the day, or as a snack after work to boost your mood. 

Munch on these edibles while watching your favourite show and notice how all of the stress leaves your body. 

According to reviewers, these marijuana edibles have a refreshing and natural flavour that will evoke nostalgic feelings from your childhood. 

Namely, these adult candies taste just like the sweet treats you had growing up (with an added dose of fun). They contain the highest-grade and cleanest distillate on the market, D9 distillate.

Get these edibles with THC to relax after a hard day. 

Find Laughing Monkey at MMJ Express, your next favourite pot store. They’re only $16, fit for budget buyers.

What Are THC Edibles?

You’re ready to purchase sour key edibles, but hold on — what are edibles anyway? If you are a complete cannabis noob, and you haven’t heard about edibles before, here’s a quick explanation. 

Cannabis edibles are delicious and addictive drinks and goods infused with cannabinoids like THC (the psychoactive compound found in weed). 

In short, edibles are “edible weed”. You can eat them, drink them, and mix them with other food items to create a mouth-watering concoction high in THC — you name it.

With the rising popularity of edible THC, you can now easily find these products on the cannabis market. 

In fact, almost every dispensary in Canada features edibles like chocolates, brownies, lollipops, gummy bears, and more. 

However, if you want to get the best-quality edibles with THC, we recommend choosing a dispensary wisely. Unfortunately, there are many pot stores that offer unregulated and potentially harmful marijuana edibles. 

Instead, choose a reputable dispensary with tons of positive customer reviews such as MMJ Express.

Besides tasty edible THC, you will also find a wide array of dry herbs, concentrates, CBD oil products, and more.

When Will The THC in Edibles Kick In?

Cannabis edibles are special, and here is why. These adult-friendly treats will give you a jaw-dropping high just like smoking your favourite dry herb.

That said, in most cases, the high will be more intense and longer-lasting. 

According to some findings, edibles require about one hour to take effect, whereas smoking or vaping THC will usually give you faster results. 

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Compared to the effects of smoking or vaping (that usually last four hours), an edible high can last six or more hours!

Naturally, the intensity and the duration of the high will depend on the quality of your THC edibles and other factors such as your tolerance to the compound, weight, physical health, and more. 

Edibles with THC, like Sour Keys, are ultra-effective and top-tier quality. If you get these cannabis edibles from MMJ Express, you are guaranteed the best and safest experience.

Effects of Edibles with THC

THC in Sour Keys will give you one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

They are likely to boost your focus levels, and creativity, and make you feel more productive and ready to tackle daily responsibilities and tasks. 

You’ll have an easier time crushing your goals. Moreover, if you are dealing with stress, anxiety, and aches, the THC in Sour Keys will relax every inch of your body and put your mind at ease. 

Not only are these adult treats potent and tasty, but they’re also better for your lungs. Namely, they do not carry the possible risks of smoking dry herbs. 

For example, the Sour Key edibles will not cause nasty symptoms like cough and phlegm production. 

One downside is that it is tricky to know when the edibles have taken full effect. Since they can take some time to kick in, consumers may feel tempted to increase doses prematurely. 

If you have any questions concerning the exact dosages, consult with a medical expert for guidance.

Does Edible THC Have Any Side Effects?

While edibles look cute and the taste is out of this world, they can have side effects like any cannabis product when overused.

If you stick to the appropriate doses, you won’t experience any adverse effects like paranoia or a cotton mouth. 

However, since they are highly palatable, you may feel the urge to take one too many.

If you are a beginner or a stoner with THC sensitivity, you will want to start with the lowest amounts and only increase doses if necessary. 

Again, make sure to consult with a healthcare specialist, especially if you are planning to treat medical conditions with cannabis edibles.

Another possible downside of edibles is that they take a while to “set in”. Because of this, many inexperienced weed users take more edibles than needed.

When the high finally hits, it may be too overwhelming for some. 

Make sure to always practice responsible and mindful cannabis consumption.

Where Can I Find Sour Key Edibles?

You can get Sour Key edibles at MMJ Express, your number one source for the best cannabis products. Get edibles and cheap weed in Canada with a click of one button. Ordering weed has never been this fast and easy. 

Experience the best high of your life today.

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