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  1. 28853


    Nice for netflix and chill with your tinder dates.

  2. 29935


    So delicious. I agree with Error404, I also immediately felt energetic and gleeful.

  3. 24553


    Smooth smoke, beautiful strain 🙂

  4. 13227


    Great choice if you ever decide to buy maui waui. My friend usually gets paranoia whenever she smokes weed, but I got her to try this and to our surprise, she was having a good time. No paranoia!

  5. 28853


    Nice body high that also left me clear headed. I used it for watching movies but I would eventually get too drowsy or comfortable in bed and fall asleep.

  6. 17707


    My friend always brings this strain whenever we linked up. But now I had to get some for myself as well. This one keeps conversations flowing and doesn’t have any additionally drowsiness that I usually experience.

  7. 15892


    Loved the freshness. Top notch buds! Super potent indica therefore it was a little out of my taste range since i’m not the biggest fan of indica but still not bad at all. I’d still like to give it 5 stars.

  8. 26720


    A real treat! Treat yourself, treat your friends to this amazing weed!

  9. 28883


    Great sativa…. Made me happy and giggly and then sleepy so that was a good experience for me.

  10. 28477


    I impulsively bought this just cause and I was astonished by how gnarly this tasted. High was not bad at all too