Marijuana Pastries

There’s something refreshingly nostalgic and familiar about dessert cakes from childhood. And, to be perfectly honest, novelty snack cakes and marijuana have always gone together remarkably well. Now you can have them both in a single product: one of MMJ Express’s cannabis-infused pastries. Our lineup of unique dessert treats recalls the irresistible snack cakes you loved as a child—with one fairly noticeable difference.

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Dreamy Delite Double Chocolate Chip Canna Cookies 200mg THC

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, need we say more? Dreamy’s Double Chocolate Canna Cookies satisfy the most discerning sweet tooth with a taste that will make you positively float.Each bag contains 4 Cookies - 200mg of THC.

Dreamy Delite Edibles Baked Brownies Red Velvet 400mg THC

They’re creamy, they’re fudgy, and they’re red! They’re Dreamy Delite’s new delicious flavour Red Velvet Baked Brownies! Lose yourself with bite after bite of cannabis-infused chocolate and fudge, you deserve it! Each bag comes with 4 brownies with 100mgs of THC per bag.

Dreamy Delite Rainbow Pebs Cereal Medbar

Another delicious nod to a childhood favorite, fruity rainbow pebs whisk you back to when you started your mornings with mouthfuls of prehistorically-fruity breakfast cereal. The only difference is, these pebbles are packing more than great taste!Each bar contains 200mg/400mg of THC.

Dreamy Delite’s White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Canna Cookies

Indulge with an amazing treat with a delicious twist. Our chocolate and macadamia nut cookies are the perfect combo of chewy and crunchy, with a sweetness that can take the edge off of any bad day!Each cookie contains 50mg of THC. The entire bag contains 200mg of THC

Herbivore Edibles – Berry Log

Brought to you by Canadian company Herbivore Edibles, Berry Log is a fluffy and delicious strawberry cream-filled sponge cake log

Herbivore Edibles – Dong Kong

Dong Kong is the king of all cake snacks with a creamy filling and chocolate-covered cake. Are you drooling yet?

Herbivore Edibles – Swift Rolls

Swift Rolls is a delicious chocolate cake cream filled roll. We know you’d do anything to get your hands on

Herbivore Edibles – Twonkies

Herbivore Edibles has brought us all some treats we know and love. Your favorite pastries are now available in a